FIGHT AGAINST CHOLERA EPIDEMIC: Jamal Shallop partners with Govt.

Mr. Jamal Shallop is a Sierra Leonean businessman engaged in different economic and social activities for the good of Sierra Leone and the general good of humanity. His name, for quite some time now has been a household phenomenon, despite several challenges that has confronted him as a businessman like many other business individuals and establishments in the country and the world as a whole.

As a major player in the pharmaceutical industry in the country, Mr. Shallop recently joined the Government of Sierra Leone in the fight against the cholera epidemic that has consumed the lives of many Sierra Leoneans untimely. Using Imres Pharmacy as a front in the battle against the killer disease located at Wilberforce Street in Freetown, Mr. Shallop imported a forty-foot container load of anti-cholera drugs to put the disease under firm control and save the lives of his compatriots.

The container load of anti-cholera drugs was donated to the Ministry of Health and Sanitation through the office of the Chief of Staff, Dr. Kelfala Marrah who was extremely proud to receive the items on behalf of the state and Sierra Leoneans. The medical items included, but not limited to sterilize fluids, vaccine and life sustainable medications. This is not the first time that Mr. Jamal Shallop has donated medical items to the Government of Sierra Leone during emergency and non emergency periods. His support to the development of education, including adult education and more has put him in an enviable position that has made him to be looked upon as a philanthropist than a businessman.

Talking to standard times in an interview when news leaked out that he has made the donation, he said “This is the time for well meaning Sierra Leoneans to contribute to saving the lives of their compatriots and not a time for money making” and added that the gesture should not attract publicity as that was not his intention, but how he can contribute to save the lives of his people and contain the killer disease called cholera “The disease called Cholera should have no place in Sierra Leone and will use whatever resources to send it where it came from” He concluded.

Cholera is a water-borne disease and its virus is very active with strong destructive power capable of killing a large number of people in any locality when contacted. It was in Europe, reports state, when Mr. Shallop heard the news that his country has been attacked by the Cholera epidemic and compatriots dying every day. This unfortunate development propelled him to take an emergency and unbudgeted expenditure to purchase the necessary remedial and preventive actions It would be recalled that the epidemic broke out in Lungi and spread quickly like wild fire in the Harmattan season to other parts of the country.

The intervention of World Health Organization (WHO) Imres Pharmaceutical and other World Health Bodies have soft pedalled the aggressive speed of the deadly disease in the country.

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