…Marie Kamara in Conspiracy

She is as old as Methuselah in the unpopular and criminal trade and would intimidate unsuspecting victims of her decade long and under-cover relationship with the former APC strongman, the late Mr. Kamara-Taylor of blessed memory.

The Home calling of the late Kamara-Taylor did not stop Mrs. Marie Kamara to change her trade and bow out of the syndicate that is causing her victims to part with huge sums of money in tears for pieces of land that she claimed ownership of and using as a bait to enrich herself.

At Kondoloh Rokel Village, outskirt of Freetown, Mrs. Marie Kamara is popularly regarded as the “area wheeler-dealer” who would stop at nothing to defraud Sierra Leoneans and used the ruling APC Party as her backer in carrying out her trade. It would appear that she has reached her Waterloo, because her unpopular trade and syndicate has become public knowledge. She has now been dragged to court to refund the sum of Twelve Million Leones she collected from one of her unsuspecting victim, who having realized that he has been duped decided to save other Sierra Leoneans who may want to go into land transaction with Mrs. Marie Kamara.

She stays at 11, Kamara-Taylor Drive at Rokel Village, a venue she has cunningly transformed to a Den of land scam. At 11, Kamara-Taylor Drive Mrs. Marie Kamara would prepare all sorts of documents relating to the purchase of pieces of lands and would lure councilors, Local Area Headman and other members of her community to endorse these documents to make it authentic in the eyes of the purchasers.

On 23rd July, 2012 Mrs. Marie Kamara caused Councilor Mohammed Kamara of Ward 329 to endorse a survey plan that was purportedly prepared by one of her surveyors, who happens to be a member of her syndicate. Further, she called on the Local Headman, Mr M.S.Bah to do the same on 28th July, 2012 and Mr. Osman M. Kamara on 25th July 2012 to authenticate the same document as a witness to make it appear real and true to Mr. Bah of 12, Personage Street, the unsuspecting buyer.

After receiving full payment in the sum of Le12, 000.000(Twelve Million Leones) in two payments of L8, 000.000(Eight Million Leones) on 9th July, 2012 and Le4, 000.000(Four Million Leones) and has successfully shared the money to members of her syndicate, Mrs. Marie Kamara started dribbling Mr. Bah, using all sorts of intimidating tactics and telling him that she has strong connections in the ruling APC Government and because of her unbreakable connections, nothing would happen to her. She also allegedly referenced the Chief Justice as her relative who would protect her if the matter is brought to the attention of the court.

Reports state that this is not the first time that Mrs. Marie Kamara has been treating her compatriots in this country. She would collect moneys from them and refused to hand-over the property paid for. Sources at Rokel Village have alleged that this is her primary source of her happy-lucky-go- falsehood presentation in public places, giving the impression to those who knows nothing or little about her that she is rich. Over the years she is known to have associated herself with the government in power and has always been in possession with different political party cards, which she would wave to her victims, creating an impression of toughness.

Today, Mrs. Marie Kamara will appear in court on a four-count indictment ranging from obtaining money under false pretences, obtaining money by fraud to conspiring with others, including Councilor Mohammed Kamara of Ward 329, Headman Mr. M.S. Bah and Osman M. Kamara. She was served with a private criminal summon by a bailiff of the High Court last week.

Lawyer Kabbah Koroma representing the Complainant has vowed to put an end to Mrs. Marie Kamara’s unpopular trade of duping and distressing innocent Sierra Leoneans. A writ of Summon that bothers on specific performance is also contemplated after today’s appearance in court.(To be continued)

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