Former Minister of Finance prays with Muslims…advices them for the coming elections

By Ishmael Kindama Dumbuya:

The former Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development, Hon. Hassan Gbassay Kanu joined his Muslim colleagues at his place of birth, called Joe Town in the Koya Chiefdom at the Waterloo Rural District.  It will surprise the reading public to know that Hon. Hassan Gbassay Kanu still commands respect and recognition from and among his people as a result of his humanitarian gestures and the unlimited development projects he initiated during his tenure as an active politician and even now that he is a political retiree.

On a regular basis reports state that Hon. Hassan Gbassay Kanu would invite imams, sheiks and religious leaders to his Joe town residence and interact with them, solve their problems if there are any presented to him and offer advice to them how to live in the community that is growing bigger than before. After healthy discussions they would offer prayers for his family and residents of the community. The rapport, concerns and care between Hon. Hassan Gbassay Kanu and his people continues to grow healthy and enviable every passing moment and love for one another forms part of the level of communal living by the people.

The feast of Eidul-Adha recently commemorated by Muslims all over the world was done in a different style in the Joe Town community this time round. It could have been dubbed the “feast of Joe Town Community”, but because it was meant to commemorate and celebrate the success of one of the five pillars of Islam, the Joe Town Community has no alternative but to credit that day to Islam and pray for all those who in one way or the other were able to successfully accomplish that goal. They also prayed that Allah grants traveling mercies to all those who went to perform this year’s Hajji Ceremony in the Holy Land of Mecca.

The prayer last Friday saw the presence of Heads of the various Communities, representatives and also religious leaders of the Joe Town Community and Hon. Hassan Gbassay Kanu who successfully coordinated the event and made sure that he was at the scene from the start to the end. After the prayers, Muslims were seen gathered at the house of the former APC Finance Minister to discuss issues relating to the development of their constituencies, specifically for the forthcoming Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Council elections.

It would be recalled that during the thick of prayers the Joe Town Community was reminded by the officiating Sheik about the significance of promises, which he referenced to the promise made by the Prophet Abraham to Allah. The sacrifice of a lamb was mentioned, illustrating the fulfillment of the promise, which he emphasized that all Muslims should observed on that Special Day and stressed that because Abraham has faith, even when he could not get the sheep he wanted to offer as sacrifice, he gave his only son, Ismail to be used for the purpose in fulfillment of the promise made to Allah. “Because Abraham demonstrated loyalty to Allah and his williness to sacrifice his only son, Allah substituted a sheep in the place of his son” The Sheik emphasized.

HAssan Gbassay Kanu

Value as a core element in family also formed part of the sermon preached to the Koya Community. Hon. Kanu informed his people that as a responsible Community it is the responsibility of all and sundry to share knowledge, ideas and vision relating towards the development of their Community. ‘Any refusal by any member of this Community to share knowledge, ideas and vision that could be used to further develop our community is greed and self-centeredness “on Kanu fired and pleaded with all to show love and kindness to each other and entreated them to practice the good things that will put their Community on the map.

As a former APC Minister, he called on his community to vote for President Koroma who is development oriented and not for a Presidential Candidate that can bring nothing to or developmental to the Sierra Leone. “If you don’t vote, the President will not get his job, the Ministers will not get their jobs and key people in society will also not get their jobs” The former Finance admonished his people.

After admonishing members of the Koya Community to be very careful of political candidates that will be meeting them with campaign messages and promises, he informed them that President Ernest Bai Koroma is a very reliable leader who is determined to transform Sierra Leone to an enviable status. It would be recalled that the Koya Community had protested against the award of symbol to Hon. Claude Kamanda of Constituency 95 and had vowed not to vote for the All Peoples Congress party, but for the message of peace and love preached by the former Finance Minister. Hon. Claude Kamanda was assured of their votes, which they promised to surrender to him that will take him to the Legislative House again.

sheiks praying

On behalf of the APC party Hon. Hassan Gbassay Kanu took the opportunity to apologize to the Koya people to give the unflinching support to their son and brother to enable him realize his political dream.

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