ERNEST “DRIBBLES” BIO…results devastating to opposition

ERNEST “DRIBBLES” BIO…results devastating to opposition

November 20, 2012 Off By STANDARD TIMESPRESS

Election results started tripling in immediately after the closure of polls on Saturday November 17th 2012. The elections for Presidency, Members of Parliament (MP), Chairpersons, Mayors and Councilors were conducted on the same date. The elections attracted election observers from different countries and organizations, including the European Union, Carter Foundation, Ecowas, African Union and others. Under very peaceful and friendly atmosphere voters cast their votes at the various polling stations in the country in over nine thousand.

Sierra Leone is divided into four regions, namely East, West, North and South and in each of the region voting reportedly went on peacefully and Sierra Leoneans had the opportunity of participating, which was admired and commended by the observing team.

The results have been collated and tripling in little by little, signaling a very devastating and recorded defeat for the opposition parties. The main challenger retired Julius Maada Bio of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) has been receiving unfavourable shock and defeat from the Presidential Candidate of the All Peoples Congress Party, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma as provisional results of the Saturday elections are announced by the various radio stations in the country.

In each region, the SLPP Candidate has been receiving heavy punches to his surprise. In the Southeast of the country that is considered the stronghold of the party, the APC Candidate has scored significant gains, not to mention the Western Area, both rural and urban where the results have been most devastating to the SLPP Candidate. In the Northern Province, his performance has been dismal and beyond imagination. As we go to press, nearly fifty percent of the votes have come in showing a loss and poor performance.

Reports state that retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio’s expectation of becoming the next President of Sierra Leone has been dashed, but trying to brave it out as he listens to the results which are clearly not in his favour.

The title of “WORLD BEST” ascribed to the APC Presidential Candidate during the campaign period is becoming evident, as the results are now currently showcasing his political competence and dribbling skills in the 2012 march to State House.

Yesterday, the Chief Electoral Commissioner, Dr. Christiana Thorpe made a public statement over the National Television Station, commending the electoral process and highlighting some minor hitches that took place in certain regions, which she said were addressed immediately to keep the process going.

On the whole, like the international observers she commended the process, the security agencies including the Police and Soldiers, Civil Society Groups and the Media. She concluded her statement by appealing to the public to be patient as the results will be announced in due course and thanked the various Radio Stations including the Independent Radio Stations(IRN) for announcing provisional results.