Sierra Leoneans re-elect President Koroma to serve another second term

The Chairperson of the National Electoral Commission has announced today 23rd November Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma of the ruling All Peoples Congress as the new president of Sierra Leone. President Koroma pulled more than 58% out of the 55% cut-off mark indicated by law for a president to score. Maada Bio of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party scored less than 40% of the total votes counted. There were rumors of over voting in the country but this was made clear by the National Returning officer and also Chairperson of the National Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone that “there was no over voting in any polling station recounted”.

Details will follow soon

Dr. Christiana Tjhorpe certifying president Koroma the new president




















President Koroma taking oath in State House for another second term

























Celebrations in the city

President Koroma swearing his Vice Preisdent for another second term

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