…No Parliamentary Boycott

It would appear that what the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) is reputed and known for in the last five years is gradually beginning to be discouraged by the new crop of Parliamentarians elected on 17th November, 2012.

The party’s notoriety for Parliamentary Boycott may be considered a thing of the past as the focus of the newly elected Parliamentarians is to usher in unity and love, where they are perceived to be absent. As a result of their resolved to promote these ingredients in national development, any suggestion or decision contrary to their focus or determination will be denied by them

Late last week, the party’s Presidential Candidate, Julius Maada Bio reportedly issued out a press statement. In the statement he reportedly admonished his party supporters to remain calm and abstained from violence as the party is expecting to call a meeting this week where decision will be reached as to the way forward.

Yesterday, at the SLPP Headquarters at Wallace Johnson Street, an Executive Meeting was called and members present were giving the opportunity to discuss the 2012 elections and the way forward. Those present gave their contributions and how the issue should be resolved. When the podium was giving to the defeated Presidential Candidate, he expressed his disappointment over the National Electoral Commission (NEC) and concluded by stating that the elections were not fairly and transparently conducted in contrast to the election observer’s declaration about the November 17th polling day. According to him, he strongly believes that vote rigging and other electoral malpractices took place both in the Western Area and Northern Province, which have been covered up by Dr. Christiana Thorpe. Furthering his grievances he advised that the newly elected Members of Parliament of his party should boycott the opening of Parliament as a way of demonstrating the grievances of the SLPP.

Although Parliamentary boycotts are very familiar with the party, however, this time round the newly elected MP’s have refused to be part of the old fashion of the party, by telling their defeated Candidate that they would not be part of it. According to them the opening day of Parliament is an important occasion which should be honoured by all Members of Parliament and Sierra Leone as a whole.

A member of the executive who spoke to this medium said that this time the party will not interfere with members of the party who have been duly elected by their people to serve them in the House of Parliament. “We are not going to allow any Executive Member or political heavyweight of the party to ill-advise them” He said and added “They have been elected to serve so let them serve the people not the party as elections are over”

It is becoming evident that the second game plan of the defeated party Candidate has hit the rock after the failure of his initial plan. It is not known which other plan he will come up with in the next couple of days prior to the Official Opening of Parliament

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