Those Positions Are For Jonathan Leigh and Sorie Fofanah

Two of the same kind, copycats Messrs Jonathan Leigh of the Observer Newspaper and Sorie Fofanah of a tabloid called News 24 published simultaneously a purported Cabinet list of the APC party. The ridiculous nature of the publications points to a singular objective, among which is a reaction to the Standard Times publication of a pre-Cabinet list of the SLPP, which was leaked to this medium from the Headquarter of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party at Wallace Johnson Street.

If the party’s predication had come true, names of those individuals published would have been the country’s ministers today, but the failure of the party to grab the Presidency turned the well prepared plan to a mockery and disillusionment especially when the secret became public. Reacting to the scoop, that was least expected to hit the public domain, Jonathan Leigh and Sorie Fofanah in their desperation to hit back decided to ridicule themselves by making use of fallacy, which they cannot defend or gives credence to by any estimation.

From the mouth of Jonathan Leigh “The information was downloaded from the face book” This tells his level of comprehension and what constitutes an offence in media relation. However, this is not the focus of the piece, but to inform them that some of us who have spent years in journalism profession and realized the good things in it prefer nothing more and nothing less but the profession itself. Some of us have never been interested in political office, or longing to become a Government Minister throughout our existence on planet earth. Not because we are not politically qualified, but the thirst and appetite are not there to motivate us into accepting a ministerial position.

Qualification is not the answer, but interest and ambition for the job, unlike Mr. Leigh and his colleague Fofanah who are praying steadfastly and diligently to be appointed to those offices despite their educational handicap, but because those positions require no hard and fast rule of academic qualification they have always imagined themselves to properly fit into them. Unfortunately, luck has never been on their side, save for Mr. Sorie Fofanah who was handpicked by ex-President Kabbah against the estimation and assessment of late Professor Akintole Wise to serve as Press Attaché in the United Kingdom.

Throughout his six years at the Sierra Leone High Commission’s office, he proved himself a disappointment to his employer and the country he represented. The difference and tenure between the two Sories(Sorie Fofanah and Sorie Sudan) are not only explicit, but glaringly bare even to a blind patient. Sorie Fofanah’s tenure was unenviable and unproductive and brought nothing good to himself and Sierra Leone, while the tenure of Sorie Sudan Sesay was productive, enviable and worth repeating. It opens the minds and eyes of local colleagues and taught them how to be professional disseminators of the goodies of their country of birth to the universe.

This may not be the right time or forum for a proper comparative analysis of the tenure of the two Sories. Probably, another time may be conducive for such debate. Despite his dismal performance, however his appointment as Press Attaché has opened many doors for his colleagues back home to realize the numerous benefits attached to the position and they are now jumping helter-skelter and going mad for the job of Press Attaché to the various overseas missions and embassies.

The appetite of both Sorie Fofanah and Jonathan Leigh for Ministerial and Press Attaché jobs is increasing by the hour, disregarding their academic and professional incapacities. Because they want to be there at all cost, they have always imagined that some of their colleagues are equally desperate like them. For some of us including this columnist, political appointment has never been part of his human and professional agenda, whether it is the most lucrative or profitable business on planet earth.

Our path has not been destined into such route, therefore for Jonathan Leigh and Sorie Fofanah to think alike and publish a fake list that is aimed at giving a conflicting or false impression to the public that some of us have been appointed as ministers to head Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Transport and aviation, Health and Sanitation etc, etc is only subscribing to their low mindedness on issues relating to our future plans.

As a well established media owner in the country, it would be nonsensical and unthinkable to abandon what I have toil for both day and night to build over the years for the sake of political appointment, which would not be rewarding to me either now or in the future. One would wish to appeal to President Koroma to consider giving them deputy ministerial appointments or Press Attache jobs to both Jonathan Leigh and Sorie Fofanah and ignore their incompetence and incapabilities.

This columnist is in possession of the certified copy of the academic qualification of Sorie Fofanah, so he would furnish what he did not get in the event President Koroma decides to salvage him. In the case of Jonathan Leigh, the least said about him regarding tangible academic documents the better. That notwithstanding, his experience from City Council under the late Alfred Akibo Betts to the British Broadcasting Service (BBC) and why he changed his name to Authur Derrick to Concord Times Newspaper and to his present engagement will suffice if other things are not taking into consideration. One can understand their desperation, but it will not help them in any way to succeed.

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