As we are aware of the violent-prone messages originated by Dr. Moiwo and Marcus Margai, which are essentially aimed at poisoning the hearts and minds of our brothers and sisters in the South and East, no SLPP member has ventured to denounce such “Luciferic Act”. In an ideal world and as the SLPP are always bragging that they are “highly educated” people, such uncritical thinking only exposes their sadistic and unpatriotic stance. It is however a shame that neither Brig Maada Bio nor any of his party officials have had the gut to denounce and distance themselves from the hate messages of Dr. Moiwo and Marcus Margai.

Brig Maada Bio and his SLPP should declare in no ambiguous terms that they are totally against violence in Sierra Leone and that they don’t belong to the group of Dr. Moiwo and Marcus Margai who are inciting violence just to gain power. Brig Maada Bio and his SLPP should categorically and vehemently denounce, condemn, deprecate and despise those hate messages in their entirety. Failing to do so could suggest otherwise.

Because anyone thinking like Dr. Moiwo in particular must be psychologically diseased with heart’s full of hate and minds full of disease.  That is why as Sierra Leoneans, our job is to leave no vacuum for such evil voices to manipulate and control the perception of our people.  The only voice that should be heard is our collective voice of peace, unity and development.  There shouldn’t be any space for political extremism, not in Sierra Leone, not anywhere else in the world.

We can’t permit the irrational actions of a few politically fanatic individuals to define our society based on amorality, political intolerance and segregation.

As intellectuals we must counter the hate and violent messages with facts and reality for the positive work to continue in Mama Salone. In light of this therefore, I urge all individuals, regardless of ethnic group, region or religion to speak out against political bigotry and insensitive sentimentality.


The dangerous and inciting messages of Dr. Moiwo and Marcus Margai shouldn’t be under-estimated but rather be treated with the utmost seriousness it deserves. That is why I urge the SLPP to vehemently and vigorously condemn those hate messages having the potential to cause chaos and anarchy in our beloved Sierra Leone;  that is still recovering from her 11 years intra-state conflict.

To put those hate messages into perspective, and illustrate the underlying ramifications; let me offer few examples of how inciting and hate messages have wrecked people and development in the world.

In 1994, Rwanda politicians started playing with rhetoric full of Venom, rancour and malice against one ethnic group. The Hutu ethnic group essentially embarked on the crude politics of dehumanizing Tutsis on radio, and other available media outlets just like Dr. Moiwo and Marcus Margai have started.  Consequently therefore, The Hutu majority went on the rampage massacring the Tutsi minority in Rwanda.  Disgustingly, almost one million people lost their precious lives within a short period of ninety days.

Similarly, Ivory Coast once characterized as stable, peaceful and an envy of many African states went down the drain just because of ethnic incitement. Few years ago, Southern Ivorian politicians became abruptly subsumed into inciting hatred against their northern brothers and sisters. The end result of those irrational attitudinal patterns was manifested in violence and eventual intra-state war which claimed the lives of myriads.

In Kenya, the International Criminal Court (ICC) sent a stark message with the view of challenging the status-quo mantra of election violence by confirming charges of crimes against humanity against four prominent Kenyans who used hatred messages to ignite violence in achieving their political goals. The charged politicians are former Higher Education Minister William Ruto, former Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, former Civil Service Chief Francis Muthaura and radio talk show host Joshua Arap Sang.

The four men are accused of incitement and organizing mass violence among many other charges following the disputed presidential elections of 27th December 2007 – in which President Mwai Kibaki was declared the winner. They are also accused of stirring up ethnic violence for political advantage and retribution. According to reliable UN and Amnesty Reports, about 1,200 people were killed and 600,000 displaced from their homes.

Coming to Europe and the World at large, in the 1930’s Adolf Hitler utilized hate speech against the Jews in Germany and pretended as if he was protecting the interest of the Germans.  The other European leaders perceived it a domestic issue and ignored it using appeasement as an excuse. As he gained support at home, he started challenging the ruling of the League of Nations by inciting his people against the League’s decision that settled World War One.  Again the Germans bought Adolf Hitler’s idea (on the international platform) that he is protecting their interest and sovereignty.  At the end, the Second World War breaks out. The effect of which are inexplicable.  And as I am writing, some European countries have still not finished paying the debt incurred during the Second World War.

Fellow Sierra Leonean, this is exactly what a misleading and hate message like those of Dr. Moiwo and Marcus Margai are capable of doing. That is why I am urging the SLPP in general and Brig Maada Bio in particular to come out openly and denounce, condemn, deprecate and criticize those messages of Dr. Moiwo and Marcus Margai with vim and vigour. Better late than never.

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