Mass voting, Cancelation, Run-off, Supreme Court and Power Sharing

By Philip Neville:

A country’s political development forms part of its history and every historian take advantage of the genesis of historical development of a country to explain the life and time of that country. Analysts are using historical ingredients to buttress explanations and dates become significant weapons to drive home every point.

Sierra Leone is not an exception to this kind of lecture and benefit. The distance between the time of discovery and naming of Sierra Leone to the present day historical development is what Dr. Joe AD. Alie has been giving lectures on to his Students at Fourah Bay College. Sometime, he is called upon by Universities in different parts of the Globe to give lectures on Sierra Leone and after the war he was busy than he ever imagined. The life of a country goes on indefinitely, whilst on the contrary the life span of human beings is definite.

This gives reason for the formation of the concept that a state or country remains static, but government goes and comes. In the same vein, the abstractness of any state cannot be quantified or measured. It is approximation that Geographers, Environmentalists and other Researchers make in solving certain burning issues of a State, e.g. boundary disputes etc. No wonder boundaries are established to demarcate locations and Sovereignty.

Sierra Leone as a state has a long history of political development and political party establishment and formation, which to some scholars have been a very good reading, but others read it with mixed feelings of sweet and sour.

But what may sound disturbing is the history of both the APC and SLPP, the two oldest parties in the country. The latter has always bragged and prides itself of being the very oldest party in the country, while the former continues to dismiss the latter, by inferring that the age of Methuselah in politics has no relevance to the development initiative of Solomon. This may sound provocative but the reality and available evidence are clear testimonies to the taste of the pudding.

It was based on those pieces of evidence that President Koroma was assessed and granted permission by the voters for a second term at State House, while the SLPP campaigned on the life span of the biblical Methuselah that present day generation, which comprises the bulk of voters are not aufait with, either because they are not in Israel or old age theory and development are at different wave- length.

The SLPP is happy using the Methuselah concept to outsmart the All Peoples Congress in the recent elections where their Presidential Candidate was beaten by a marathon style. The promotion of absurdity, failure of style and non realization of the 21st Century political developments are the political tools that are in the possession of the party which its members still thought are useful in current political development of the universe to which Sierra Leone is an integral part. J

ohn Locke’s three arms of government and Socrates consent and consultation with the peasants, the affected category of people continued to be neglected by them, as  they cherished the upper class than the down trodden.

How they moved from one failed phenomenon to the other and arrived at the Kenyan model of POWER SHARING / GOVERNMENT OF INCLUSION gives a clear vision of a group of desperadoes, wanting to feed from where they did no sow.

Every method applied at every stage had boomerang and suffered setback, and the period of resuscitation for another stage has always encountered disillusionment, but the saying that desperadoes don’t give up easily until the last energy is utilized and dividend not paid is the time the thinking cap can be useful is evident in them.

It was during collation of the results that the SLPP started feeding the minds of their supporters that in Bombali and Kono Districts including the Western Area, massive illegal votes were cast in favour of the APC, in this era of Biometric and the votes have been discovered by NEC. They made sure that they disseminated those messages far and wide to their gullible supporters and Maada Bio was fooled by the computation of the election results at the SLPP Office to believe that the “2012 sharp 12” prediction will come to pass.

They started pressing Dr. Christiana Thorpe and issuing out press releases citing her action in the 2007 election, when excess voting materials were discovered at the Kailahun Court Barry, which she cancelled prior to the reading of the final 2007 Presidential results.

The swift response of Dr. Christiana Thorpe to the massive voting propaganda saw them changing the message of cancellation of the votes to a new tune. This was where they had hung their fortune for a comeback to political power until they received another response from the Chief Returning Officer, which shattered and paralyze them, but could not honourably concede defeat; thinking that they are too smart for the APC. During this period, most supporters of the APC and their ministers were not having a goodnight sleep, thinking of what could befall them in the event the SLPP is declared winner of the Presidential election.

The next message they took to the Southeastern Province and fed their supporters with was that there is going to be a run-off Presidential election. They claimed that Dr. Thorpe was going to cancel votes from the Bombali and Kono Districts and also those discovered at the Western Area. The subsequent response from Dr. Thorpe sent them napping on a broad light. The party members assembled at their office and agreed to take the matter to the Supreme Court.

Few days after the seven-day ultimatum giving to any interested citizen of the State to challenge the outcome of the results, the SLPP filed in papers at the court as late at 3.30pm without paying the filing fees and two of the petitioners failed to endorse the petition. This state of predicament left them restless and on Monday 3rd December, 2012 they stormed the Law Court Building again, withdrew the Friday’s papers and re-filed a new set of legal documents and paid the correct fees.

Uneasiness, dilemma and political nightmare continue to torture them every single day they imagine themselves at State House. This trend continues to occupy a significant portion of their day’s activities and the defeated Presidential Candidate Julius Maada Bio could not continue to have his conscience tied in chains decided to surrender himself to the President elect with the help of religious leaders under the umbrella of “Body of Christ”

Face –to-face with the President elect, he confessed that the Presidency was not in contention, meaning he has no problem with it, nor was he challenging the legality and legitimacy of the Presidency. What he was not comfortable with is the National Electoral Commission (NEC). Reasons for his uncomfortability are in the public domain; unfortunately President Koroma has no magic wand to solve the problem between him and the National Electoral Commission. Members of his party are now mis-interpreting the contents of the meeting that their defeated Presidential Candidate had with the President elect.

They are telling their supporters that they have been promised five ministerial positions, as a way of compensating them, but failing to explain to them why they should be compensated with five ministerial offices after losing the elections.

The new propaganda machine put in operation by the SLPP will soon develop mechanical problem that will cause it to malfunction. This will happen when the new Cabinet list is out, but many members and supporters of the SLPP believe that President Koroma is afraid of them and would therefore succumb to whatever request is put before him by the Opposition.

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