They too can perform well in public offices…

By Ishmael Kindama Dumbuya:

The notion and perception held most time by some people that women cannot perform well in public offices than men when put in positions of trust can no longer be accepted by many in Sierra Leone. There are many women who are put in position of trust and performing well than some men. Example of such women is Madam Jatou Jallow, the Executive Chairperson of the Environment Protection of Sierra Leone.

It was no mistake on the part of government to appoint Madam Jatou Jallow as head of the Environment Protection Agency in Sierra Leone after recognizing the fact that environmental issues are becoming more important in the country on a daily basis. Madam Jallow was among members of the defense team at the Special Court for Sierra Leone when she was spotted by the President and tasked with the responsibility of managing environmental issues in the country.

She has been working towards achieving the EPA-SL since 2010, which she succeeded after making so many sacrifices. With her team of dedicated members she has revolutionized the agency’s method of coordinating, regulating and monitoring the implementation of national environmental policies, programmes and projects. She has also given life to all aspects of coordination between and among Government Ministries, Local Councils and other Agencies on matters relating to environmental policies, protection and management in the country.

As a legal luminary whose expertise is in environmental law, she controls vast experience in management and environment communication, which has put her on top of her assignment and not below as some of her challengers may have imagined.

Madam Jallow going to the bush on environmental monitoring. She is showing to the world that what men can she too can do

It was through her initiative that it became evident that the influx of mining companies in the country has corresponding environmental impact on society and observation of policies and principles have contributed immensely to the appreciation of the country’s environment and the manner in which improvement is taking place. Processes adopted, that were not in practice, according to research had caused the lack of proper care of the country’s environment. This time round and with the unrelenting and tireless effort of the Environment Agency the results have not only been encouraging but paying positive dividend to Sierra Leone. In the past, the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources was in the habit of issuing out licenses to mining companies without taking cognizance of proper environmental regulation and monitoring mechanisms, this is now a thing of the past.

Today, bigger and smaller mining and quarrying companies are compelled by law to undertake and undergo the process and obtain EIA licenses.

The compliance and fulfillment of these stages became possible through the team work of Madam Jallow. The efforts of Madam Jallow cannot be mentioned without highlighting her love for nature.

Proper care of the country’s natural resources is inclusive of her assignment and the Management of the Western Area Peninsular Forest Reserve also forms part of her priority.

She lobbied for the installation of more than 100 demarcation pillars in 2011 at the Sugar Loaf to effectively protect the Reserve.

Madam Jatou Jallow…Executive Chairperson of the Environment Protection Agency of Sierra Leone. She has helped transformed the Environment Protection Agency of Sierra Leone from one stage to another. If She is given a Ministry of Oil and Gas, I believe she can prove beyond expectation



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