US Diversify turns debtor.

Owners of the Hill Valley Hotel should be cautious with Guests posing to be investors that are residing at their facility who have come to Sierra Leone; claiming to help build on the President Agenda for Change and Prosperity. Some of them are not only wheeler-dealers but impostors, front men and women.

A couple named, Charles Deen and partner Sia Fatmata Deen may soon appear in court on both criminal and civil suits if they fail to comply with the Seventy Two hours ultimatum giving to them by Lawyer Roland Nylander.

They were served with a Notice on 12th December, 2012 by the Law Firm of Adele Chambers informing them of an imminent legal action if they fail to meet their debt obligation to the firm’s client, the Standard Times Press.


According to Lawyer Roland Nylander, they as representatives of US Diversify placed an advertisement on behalf of the Company on diverse dates in October 2012 to which a bill was submitted to them in the sum of Le1,800.000(One Million Eight Hundred Thousand Leones), and promises of payment after the publication made to the medium. “That since then you have deliberately refused and or neglected to pay same despite several demands for payment of same made by my client…” The letter reads.

Consequently, the latter went on, I am instructed to demand and I so demand payment of the sum of Le1,800.000(One Million Eight Hundred Thousand Leones) within 72(Seventy Two Hours) upon receipt of this letter, failing which I shall follow my peremptory instructions and institute legal proceedings against you without further recourse to you” The letter concludes. Up to press time, the couple representing US Diversify has not complied, which indicates a possible action after the expiration of the deadline; which ends today.

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