“We did not contact him at any giving moment to work for us…he is fighting for Masada…” Rev. Momodu Conteh wrote in the social media (face book) referring to the Executive Editor of the Standard Times Press.

The face book is a public social media and has maintained a large portion of Global audience. This is the medium Rev. Momodu Conteh went to tell the story of how a fly-by-night Company from the United States of America, calling itself US Diversify was being maligned by this medium.

Apparently, what the individual who described himself as a man of God wanted the world to know is that the publication calling on representatives of US Diversify to honour their financial obligation is untrue and that no contact was made between the representatives of the fly-by-night Company and the Standard Times Press to undertake a publication(s) on behalf of his Company, whose representatives are currently hibernating at the Hill Valley Guest House.

Putting out a defense on the social media, the unofficial Spokesman, Rev. Momodu Conteh went further to assert that three bills for payment were submitted to the Company and concluded by saying it was fraudulent on the part of this medium. While, busy championing a cause that he cannot win he failed to contact his employers to establish whether there was any agreement, written or verbal between the two groups prior to making the publication and the subsequent involvement of Lawyer Roland Nylander, giving a Seventy Two Hour (72 hr) ultimatum, failing which a criminal suit would be slammed on both Mr. Charles Deen and his wife Sia Fatmata Deen.

Rev. Momodu Conteh

What may sound ridiculous and unthinkable on the part of Rev. Momodu Conteh is the allegation that this medium is fighting for another Company called Masada for a Waste Management Contract. The thought is not only absurd, but irrational to imagine that this medium adopted such position for the single reason of presenting his fly-by-night Company in a bad and clumsy shape for the purpose of a Waste Management Contract in Sierra Leone. The fact is that a written agreement for payment after publication was reached, unfortunately Representatives of US Diversify have deliberately failed to honour their own part of the agreement and after several efforts made for the agreement to be respected and proved futile, this medium was left with no alternative but acquaint its legal adviser of the development.

Upon receipt of the information a letter was dispatched to both Mr. Charles Deen and his wife urging them to pay that again proved futile. It was against this background that the legal adviser arrived at the conclusion that his client has been defrauded and must seek redress in the Court of Law. For the unofficial Spokesman of the Company to claim that it was a fight on behalf of Masada is totally out of concept and the reality, instead on the contrary it was a fight for what legitimately belongs to this medium after work has been done.

The unofficial Spokesman, Rev. Momodu Conteh also failed to find out that a gentleman, popularly known as Jabess the comedian came to the office of the Standard Times and claimed to be the officially appointed Public Relations Officer (PRO) to US Diversify. Jabess picked up a copy of the publication with promises that payment will be honoured the next day. It is more than a month’s now and no payment has been effected. This is not only unfortunate, but shameful for a Company that claims to be credible, and hustling for a Waste Management Contract not to honour a legitimate debt.

A copy of the written document to this medium and two others is published in this edition for the unofficial Spokesman, Rev. Momodu Conteh to know that the services rendered was agreed upon and legitimate. As we go to Press Lawyer Roland Nylander is reportedly putting legal papers together to take the matter to court.

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