The first stinker

President Koroma has begun releasing names of his Cabinet nominees, which would be as usual scrutinized by the public. The three names for ministerial positions released yesterday by the office of President Ernest Bai Koroma could be referred to as the first drop of the unexpected bomb that may shatter others who may be hoping for the best or feels untouchable.

The announcement did not come as a surprise, but came in as a warning signal to other Cabinet ministers of the previous APC administration that this time round it may be different, either stay or bid farewell for the good of Sierra Leone, which should not be a cause for alarm or nurturing of grudge or the display of ingratitude. Whatever action adopted by President Koroma should be perceived in the name and development of Sierra Leone.

The announcement, especially the removal of Dr. Samura Kamara from the Ministry of Finance where he has spent over thirty years as Financial Secretary to Minister of Finance is most welcome by many people including this Columnist. The reason among other things is to assess his performance in other areas and give chance to other Sierra Leoneans to preside over the economy of this country.

It was the perception of many people and a feeling of assumption by Dr. Samura Kamara that financial bodies such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank can only recognize him and not others. Let’s see this time round whether these institutions are recognizing individuals or countries. Similarly, let see whether he can perform in other areas or he is immune only to the Ministry of Finance, where contractors are reportedly paying 10% upfront to receive their payments.

With Edmund Koroma as Financial Secretary, Dr. Kelfala Marah as Finance Minister and Sabadeen Sesay, Governor of the Central Bank, it is the conviction of many Sierra Leoneans that there is much to be achieved in terms of economic development, stability and more which would scale the country to an upper level than what is being experienced at the moment.

To the newly appointed Minister of Finance, the task ahead is insurmountable and should not be treated lightly or with the wave of the hand, saying it is an easy assignment. The upward movement of Sierra Leone now lies in the hands of these three men whom much is expected from and would have to prove their mettle of pushing us where we have long envisaged and predicted to be all these years of toil and hard work.

It is hope that the new Foreign Affairs Minister, Dr. Samura Kamara will accept the position as a challenge and new innovations needed in the Foreign Service. He will have to deal with foreign missions and ambassadors who will have to sell the image of the country positively as a better place to do business and live overseas.

He also has a huge task to perform, though this time round not directly involved into the arithmetic of the economy, but the image and proper representation of Sierra Leone in foreign lands. While we wait as a nation and people the release of names of other nominees, it is the expectation of the suffering masses that directly bears the brunt of hardship that the appointment of ministers would not be based on compensation or friendship, but on performance for the general good of the general population.

The position of Attorney General and Minister of Justice, otherwise referred to as the Chief Legal Adviser to the Government is a very serious national assignment. The holder must treat it not only with respect but seriously. Mr. Frank Kargbo has not been doing badly in the last couple of years, but must inject more seriousness into this office to make it extremely meaningful and respectable.

On the whole the three Cabinet positions announced is a pointer to the public that those to follow in the coming days will take cognizance of several criteria, but if it takes the reverse the media will no doubt tell President Koroma where he went wrong.

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