…Registrar and PC Sanka 111 in conspiracy?

Whether the action is conspiratorial or not is unknown. What is vividly becoming clear to relatives, friends and students who are victims of the insensitivity of some members of the University Court is that some of them are bent on derailing their future prospect and executive members of the former Student Union Government. The allegation that they were responsible for the last student protest and disorderliness now appears absurd. Although several pleas have been made by concerned Sierra Leoneans to them to temper justice with mercy, it would appear from their activities and body languages at meetings that some of the members are working out diabolical plans to cut short the future of these students and make them become unproductive citizens in society.

Among the students who are getting the raw taste of man’s inhumanity to his fellow man is not only the former President of the Fourah Bay College Student Union, one Siman Alie Max-Conteh who should have since been enrolled at the Law School by, but also those that have been perceived as trouble makers or belong to the Opposition Camps. The result of the former President has been withheld with no explanation giving to him, according to sources at the University Secretariat.

Over the years Presidents of the Fourah Bay College Students Union have become targets of the University Administration. They are either rusticated or deprived of receiving their results and reasons most time advanced by the University is that they are responsible for all the troubles and unruly behaviors of the general student body.

Dr. Modupeh Taylor-Pearce

It would be recalled that this practice by the University Administration contributed to the rebel war in Sierra Leone, when Alie Kabbah and others were expelled from the College, which subsequently led to their recruitment by the former Revolutionary United Front Leader, the late Foday Sankoh. Just a little over ten years after the war and the country grappling with the reality of returning to normalcy, the University Administration probably is  not happy with the development posture adopted and wants the ugly situation to repeat itself by implementing what was done several years back.

According to sources at the University Secretariat in Tower Hill, there has been no form of communication to the students while they are left speculating as to what the future holds for them.

It was the expectation of the general public that the God-fearing Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the University Court, the Reverend Canon J.E. Modupeh Taylor-Pearce would have handled the matter in the best way possible, considering his experience and a servant of the Lord, but things seem to be going the opposite direction as his victims are now languishing and living despair.

Other members that are expected to play key role for the general good of the students and the public are the Deputy Chairman of the Court, Hon. PC Bai Kurr Kanagboro Sanka 111, Professor J.A.S Redwood-Sawyer, the Vice Chancellor and Principal of the University of Sierra Leone, but the Registrar of the University of Sierra Leone, Mr. Sorie N. Dumbuya is reportedly in control and allegedly dictating the pace things should proceed regarding the fate of these students.

Yesterday’s Court meeting did not achieve anything meaningful. It was later realized that any decision adopted would not augur well, since the matter was not initially referred to Senate, nor has its blessing before presenting it to the University Court. Realizing the blunder, suggestions were made that the matter involving the students should be referred to the Senate and the outcome be conveyed to the University Court.

It may surprise the reading public that the Registrar of the University, Mr. Sorie N. Dumbuya deliberately absented himself from yesterday’s meeting for reasons which are very obvious to the suffering students. He wants them kicked out!

The behavior of the University Registrar, Mr. Sorie N.Dumbuya, whose ambition is to frustrate students and always take delight in seeing them as college dropouts is not new to most parents whose Children have gone through the bitter experience of his biblical Ahab behavior. In the case of Hon. PC Bai Kurr Kanagboro Sanka 111, he has always presented himself to the unsuspecting minds that he runs the state of Sierra Leone and can dictate to President Koroma how to manage the administration of the country.

Inside sources say an emergency meeting has been scheduled to take place on Thursday this week. What will be the outcome of the meeting is yet unknown, but there are indications that both Registrar and PC Bai Kurr Kanagboro may stand their ground to destroy the future of the students (Stay tune for more)

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