DISGRACEFUL: Dr. Samura Kamara’s document missing, incomplete credentials to Parliament

The former Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr. Samura Kamara popularly known among contractors as Mr. 10% may be experiencing academic nightmare by now. His appearance before the Appointments Committee in the House of Parliament has left him in a state of disillusionment, instead of joy and happiness.

Whilst his colleague, Dr. Kelfala Marah who replaced him as the new Minister of Finance left Parliament in a state of excitement, Dr. Samura Kamara left with a broken heart.

One of the many questions that followed after leaving the Legislative Building yesterday was how did the former Finance Minister pass through the last Parliament when he was not able to produce copies or originals of his academic qualifications as a holder of a Doctor of Philosophy(PhD) Degree?

It is possible, according to a member of the Appointments Committee that Dr. Samura Kamara may have used another method to warm his way through the committee in the last Parliament, if not; copies of his academic credentials would have been discovered in the Archives, which he could have easily referred the present committee to or demanded it immediately the request was made.

Whether it was an error on his part or not remains unclear. What obtained yesterday in Parliament has raised more questions than answers, when Dr. Samura Kamara disclosed that he was not in possession of his academic records and will have to request his daughter in the United Kingdom to Fax them to him immediately from the Hull University where he read for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy(PhD).

members of the Appointments Committee were reportedly taken aback and when Hon. Eric Komba Koidoyoma of Constituency 23, Kono District further discovered that the nominee for the position of Foreign Affairs Ministry has failed to enter his date of birth on the Parliamentary forms that are usually issued out to nominees for various appointments, which should contained Bio data details, the scene was like a movie theatre. In shame and disappointment Dr. Samura Kamara left Parliament and was informed that confirmation of his new appointment has been step down or put on hold until the necessary documents requested from him are submitted to the Committee.

It is now evident from recent development yesterday in Parliament that Dr. Samura Kamara will officially occupy the country’s foreign office as a minister, when he shall have fully complied with the demands of the Appointments Committee, if not; President Koroma will have no alternative but to nominate another Sierra Leonean for the position.

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