It is operation show your credentials in Parliament

By Philip Neville:

The saying, if you live in a glass house don’t throw stones is undisputable, because the reactions may be grave than expected. Dr. Samura Kamara’s regretful performance at the Legislative House yesterday is highly reflective of his behavioral pattern to others. He has dribbled a number of foreign nationals and citizens of this country to his advantage that in the past badly needed his service, therefore; for him to be paid by his own coin is greatly appreciated not only by his victims but those who are very aufait with his true character.

What transpired in Parliament between members of the Appointments Committee and the former Minister of Finance has sent the right signal to would-be nominees of President Koroma, that when nominated for any position they should be ready and armed with the correct documents/credentials prior to meeting committee members who would have to conduct further scrutiny to ascertain not only what they professed to be or have, but to make sure that they present the correct caliber of ministers to the people.

It may sound unbelievable that in the past; some members of the Appointments Committee have helped to cover the bogus and fake credentials of some nominees in a bid to avoid public embarrassment. This is clearly a dis-service to the people of this country, and the incident yesterday has totally made it clear to those who will be meeting the representatives of the people that the days of the late Hon. Sanah Marah and other are over, when political connections,  party affiliations and money can pave the way through for the fake degree holders.

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Similar incident/operation took place sometime back at the University of Sierra Leone when almost all lecturers were claiming to be Doctorate Degree holders and demanding certain entitlements and benefits.  Authorities of the University decided to put them into an open test. Alas! It was a disaster, which taught them the lesson of honesty and sincerity.

The “Operation Show Your Certificate” introduced by Authorities of the University sent some of the fake claimers away and today they have no business getting close to  Fourah Bay College, because they caused themselves to be embarrassed and blacklisted. Only few of them with genuine certificates based on hard work such as Dr. Spencer, the late Akintole Wise, Dr. Kroma and other were able to raise their heads and walked tall on the streets of Freetown.

This columnist is not questioning the academic credentials of Dr. Samura Kamara or referring to him as a fake Doctorate Student, what he is questioning is why should did he allow himself to be embarrassed, if truly he possesses the type of qualification he claimed to have and has been addressing himself with all these years? He should have sent a letter to the committee and asked for a deferment of his confirmation

This is not the first time that Dr. Samura Kamara has appeared before the Appointments Committee for vetting, in biblical term “anointment”. Does it mean members of the Appointments Committee of the last Parliament saw the deceit, deception and academic fraud and wave it with the back of their hands, saying he is our friend and brother so let him go? Sierra Leone is not the Israelites and the Appointments Committee is not Pharaoh.  Or did he used to buy his way through with what he has been benefiting from contractors and past Governments of Sierra Leone, IMF and World Bank? This may not be true, knowing him to be a God fearing man, though with unpalatable character will not wish to indulge into acts that are disgraceful to him and be an embarrassment to his family.

Let us at this material moment accept his explanation that his degrees are still kept at the Hull University and will request his daughter to fax each and every copy to him to properly prepare himself well and good for the next meeting. The failure to fill his date of birth is not as gravest and serious as that which has to do with his academic qualifications that he has been surviving on all these years.

It is unarguably true that Dr. Samura Kamara has worked at the Ministry of Finance for over thirty years, since the days of the late President Joseph Saidu Momoh as Financial Secretary to the Valentine Stasser-Maada Bio era under the same title to the Tejan Kabbah Administration and also the first five-year term of Ernest Bai Koroma. With all these journeys, he is quite aufait with Parliamentary procedures and requirements of the Appointments Committee, but as stated in this piece let’s wait for the apple to ripe.

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