NATCOM CHAIRMAN & Co. ATTRACK $US 5.5 M ROAD SUPPORT from Abu Dhabi Fund For Development

Even before the official inauguration of HE Dr Ernest Bai Korom after his globally acclaimed re-election as President of the Republic of Sierra Leone on 17th November 2012,  the writing on the wall was clear, indicating vistas of hope for the transition from the “Agenda for Change” to the “Agenda for prosperity”.

Opening the flood gate for prosperity in the next five years, the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development – ADFD- has inked US$ 5.5 million loan agreement to construct a vital 21-kilometer highway in the Republic of Sierra Leone (the Tokey – Lumley Road),  linking the Freetown Peninsula with the capital and the other areas of the country.

The loan agreement was signed by His Excellency Mohammed Saif Al Suwaidi, Acting Director General of ADFD and Mr Edmund Koroma, Financial Secretary of the Ministry of Finance & Economic Development in the Republic of Sierra Leone. The signing ceremony was held at the ADFD office in Abu Dhabi. Commenting on the signing, Al Suwaidi stated thus: “This project is considered one of the important projects that fall within the development plan to support the infrastructure in the Republic of Sierra Leone”.

Al Suwaidi also highlighted the importance of the road said, “Empowering the Republic of Sierra Leone with a key, modern roadway will facilitate the smooth movement of individuals and vehicles between key cities, thus supporting the Government’s plan to revitalize and expedite the social and economic progress.”

Edmund Koroma acknowledged the role of the Abu Dhabi Government in providing vital requirements for the Sierra Leone government and aiding the development drive that is being carried out in the country through leading initiatives undertaken through ADFD.

Mr. Edmund Koroma further said “ the Tokey – Lumley Road project will facilitate trade activity and merchandise exchange and serve the activities of fishing, agriculture and tourism within the capital and the other cities, and this will result in elevating the living standards of the local population and accelerate social and economic progress,”

The loan agreement was a culmination of the frantic efforts of patriotic Sierra Leoneans including HE’s Special Envoy to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Arc SirayAlpha Timbo; Financial Secretary, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Edmund Koroma,  Peter Sam Kparkra Head of Multilateral Projects Division at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Bahige Annan Trade Commissioner of Sierra Leone to the UAE  and GCC.

Since its establishment in 1971, the UAE has maintained a practice of providing development support in infrastructure and financing health care and educational programmes to needy countries. It is in this context that the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development has provided financial aid to Sierra Leone towards the construction of the Lumely-Tokey Road, while other infrastructural projects submitted by the Government of Sierra Leone to the UAE are being considered for possible financing. By way of accelerating mutual development cooperation and diplomatic relations with the UAE, the Special Envoy to the UAE renowned Arc, Siray Alpha Timbo, Chairman and Commissioner of the National Telecommunications Commission, has been working round the clock to achieve maximum results that would bring immense benefits to the Government and people of Sierra Leone.



1. Mr. Edmund Koroma

Financial Secretary

Ministry of Finance and Economic Development


2. Mr. Peter Sam Kparkra

Head, Multilateral Projects Division

Ministry of Finance and Economic Development


3. Mr. Siray Timbo

Special Envoy of HE The President


4. Bahige Annan

Trade Commissioner of Sierra Leone in UAE  and GCC

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