US Major steps down for Mada Bio minutes before SLPP elections

By Ishmael Kindama Dumbuya

US Major and Mada Bio

US Major and Mada Bio

Major Ismael took brave step hours to support colleague former military officer, Retired Brigadier General Mada Bio during the just concluded SLPP party delegate conference for the flag bearer of the party come 2012. The two military officers have been engaging each other on teaming up as one in other to become victor in the conference. It could be recalled that Standard Times first published a story on the two military giants to come as one for a common cause in leading this country.

According to Major Ishmael, to show that he bestowed his loyalty for his colleague military officer, he voted for him and was so doubtful the die-hearted supporter of him who might have voted the single seat found in his ballot box. “In consultation with my delegates at the conference, we all decided that I should step down and I instructed them to vote for Mada Bio” Major Ismael Koroma said in an interview to standard times yesterday. Few after the decision to team up with Mada Bio, the news spread among the party delegates within the Sierra Leone Peoples Party. The United States military trained official stated that his whole plan was to have voted for Mada Bio and take picture of the voting exercise but received advice from some parliamentarians that it will not eager well for the elections.

After the delegate conference on Sunday, few defeated aspirants and some delegates and party members converged at the SLPP headquarters to have pertinent discussions to push the party forward.  Major Ismael made it known to Mada Bio at the party office on Monday that he has finally given him the support he needed and committed to always do so for the interest of the party and the interest of national development. Major Ismael also informed the attendants that he will give the necessary aid and support for the upcoming general elections. Other aspirants also pledged their loyalties and support to Retired Brigadier Mada Bio.

To amuse the party attendants at the party headquarters, Ismael made it known that his ballot box was number 9 and that of Mada Bio being number 10 signifying vital positions in football matches.

Major Ismael believed that the SLPP will generate a team that will defeat Ernest Bai Koroma in the coming elections; his message to the people of Sierra Leone was that he hoped his support as a young politician will bring understanding to the people of Sierra Leone and winning come 2012 elections for the development of thecountry.

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2 Responses to US Major steps down for Mada Bio minutes before SLPP elections

  1. Osman Bangura

    August 4, 2011 at 1:10 am

    Trust me, he must be sick in the brain.

  2. king

    August 4, 2011 at 10:13 pm

    let forget about the past and think about the future,sierra leonean should try to embracing each other in the sake of peace let puts tribalism,nepotism aside so salone will be a place of paradice, we too quick to forget let refreshing our memory about does incident that have past us or we always think worst about our country, this attitude will never take us anywhere it just push us backwards, we should always love one another be you mende, fullah,temne,susu,mandigo,limba,krio and so forth we are all the same people we dont have any other country beside this our motherland

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