From a pimp master to a rapist and it may not be too long when Sorie Fofanah of the Global Times Newspaper will upgrade himself to a serial rapist in Sierra Leone.

Rape is an offence in any state and offenders are always punishable by law. The legal and judicial systems of any state have always endeavored to keep rapists behind bars in order to protect underage girls and women from their indecent and uncivilized acts. The justice system in Sierra Leone is not sympathetic to rapists and the Chief Justice, Hon. Umu Tejan Jalloh is taking stringent action against rape offenders who appear in court.

It is the heavy hand of the law that forced Sorie Fofanah to plead with family members of his victim, a teenage girl who had lived and stayed at Kingtom since her birth not to report the case of rape to the Police Station. How did he succeed to put the situation under control to his advantage remains the crux of the news story that was never published by any tabloid in the country.


He is like the Leopard that hardly sheds away from his spots. In London, the story of how Sorie Fofanah had an affair with one of his nephews and later invited her to his matrimonial home that ushered in cracks in his relationship with his wife Aaliyah Assadi Koroma, the daughter of late Philip Assadi Koroma was not accurately reported to friends and family members. His inability to put the situation under control has left him in a state of disappointment and frustration. They have both parted their ways and Ms. Aaliyah Koroma is happily married to a Sierra Leonean, who is a Lawyer in the United States of America.

Returning home to rehabilitate himself has neither offered him any positive dividend nor has he been able to re-adjust himself and come out of his past.

Lansana Fofanah, his cousin provided him a temporal shelter at Kingtom on his return with the least expectation that he would become a mockery to him and the subject of a rape scandal in Kingtom in his house. As a hardliner who would not tolerate a repetition of the uncivilized and indecent act, he was left with no alternative but to ask him to quit his house after they have been able to appease family members of the teenage girl. Since Sorie Fofanah left Kingtom, the residence of his cousin the vicinity, where the incident occurred has become a taboo to him and any attempt made to visit the location has always been rebuffed and not appreciated. He left Kingtom in shame and currently hibernating at the residence of his boss, Mike Baryoh at Hill Station. News about the scandal was kept under the carpet for a while, but his behavior to colleagues and some of his family members has let the cat out of the bag.

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