For years now, fraudulent attempts to jump over from one level to another has yielded no positive dividend for one of Sierra Leone’s budding journalist popularly referred to by this medium as the pimp master, due to his past record in Europe which was non-aligned with his official duty as a Press Attaché.

Sorie Fofanah had been presenting himself to some friends and members of the unsuspecting public in the United Kingdom as a Bachelor of Arts Degree holder in political Science from Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone. He has always refused to tell them that he never darkened the walls of the University nor did he know the office of the Dean of Faculty of Arts.

Giving the impression that he was one of them in the field of academia, he was recognized as a member of the academic struggle. During discussion, he would mention names of University Professors and how some of them were treating students during his time as if they are not parents.

These braggadocio statements and false assumption imposed by him on members of staff at the Sierra Leone’s High Commission in the United Kingdom, backed by his proximity to the then President of Sierra Leone, Alhaji Ahmad Tejan Kabbah,  he sent fears and panicked most of the workers. At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs back home, Sorie Fofanah would terrify members with his political connection in high places. He enjoyed taking advantage of the times and was surviving on fraudulent maneuvering for over six years.

sorie and fofana

Meanwhile, results obtained about Sorie Fofanah supported by investigations conducted by this medium both at the Milton Margai College of Education and Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone have revealed a different picture about the “Mr. Bachelor of Art Degree holder” in Political Science. His HTC Certificate shows that he graduated from the Milton Margai Teachers College in 1995 with a Division 111 result. Core area of study is Religious Education (See document). At the Registry’s Office, Fourah Bay College, two to three years after the Milton Margai show, he applied to pursue a degree programme but with weak grades and result, and was therefore rejected. Since then, he has not bothered to improve his grades nor has he attempted the WASCE examination.

His inability to achieve the height that he has been falsely showcasing around has left him in a state of disillusionment, frustration, hate and envy for others especially his colleagues (See next edition)




Sorie's fraud academic result

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