APC: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

By Elias Bangura, +23278 326 422

President Koroma’s one hundred days in office is adding up fast since his re-election on 17 November 2012, and one wonders what he will have to show up for it as he did with the provision of light in 2007.

‘Expect nothing,’ says U.S. writer Alice Walker, ‘live frugally on surprise.’ Hmm, in Sierra Leone, we expect a lot, although that lot can only be achieved one at a time. We don’t care to wait if only we will be given value for money, or is it value for our votes?

The government has been in office for almost two months and yet it is only this week that two-third of its cabinet positions has been filled – and looking at it, you would ask yourself whether it should have taken this long to do it. We hope the old plague of indecision and slowness to act isn’t still in attendance at State House, at Parliament, and at the Judiciary. Our sister nations in the sub-region and the continent are ‘gnawing the nail of hurry;’ not to talk of the rest of the world, half of whom are already in space and have robots for workmen and servants, among other achievements.


It is good reading when you look at the economic boom already at the doorstep of our nation, isn’t it, a boom we are wholly unable to manage by ourselves alone because of the lack of adequate human resource.

However, the good reading continues when you know education is still among the top five priorities of the government, with a 10.1 percent of the national budget allocated to it. That allocation, plus proper monitoring and supervision, should be given to the development of our human resource base. It’s high time we are the masters and beneficiaries of our resources.

So, our decision to return President Koroma to State House is for him to go to work and stay there for him to complete his programs and projects. We have done our part without any delay or doubt – he should do his own part now equally without any doubt or delay. And he himself has reaffirmed that the youths and Sierra Leoneans are in a hurry to get development, a development that should cuts across the entire country and not just in selected regions or strongholds.

Fine. So it wouldn’t hurt President Koroma and the people he has chosen to work with him if we are in town with the eyes of the eagle to ensure that they do their work, not sloppily or hap-hazardly, but in a manner befitting the requirements of the Mo Ibrahim Index and the African Peer Review Mechanism, for example. Otherwise, it will be a sad reading if this government misplaces our trust and our votes. The voter is usually an unforgiving person.

Now long before I was born and up to the present, Sierra Leoneans have known the ruling All People Congress for the good, for the bad, and for the ugly, and were for the most part careless about it or forgiving. That was yesterday’s Sierra Leone; today’s Sierra Leone can only accept the good, and what is best practice – from State House to Parliament to the Judiciary – anything other than that will be questioned and challenged, by any means necessary.

By now, President Koroma and the rest of his government know that the people, like history, cannot be taken for granted. And like President Koroma himself said, the days of non-performance are over, long over I will add. It’s time to team-up and go for the gold and what is praiseworthy.

The gold and what is praiseworthy is in place, as is respect for the law and justice. Aren’t we down-faced to see how other nations have progressed in that respect while we are mostly a bunch of outlaws? But there’s a war now, declared by President Koroma himself, against lawlessness. And that war knows no colour, no party, no region or tribe. I feel good to be in town – I’m only hoping this goodness will last.

But what I don’t want to last on the lips of this government is repeating to us without ceasing its last term’s grades and successes. We are in a new term now, where the modules are goddamned tough and exciting. We need a show of the government’s brilliance, its innovation, and commitment to its passing again with high grades in this new five-year term.

If anything, amidst its past successes, it is still difficult to accept that Mabella and Kroo Bay for example, among a hundred or more communities across the country, is still resplendent with filth, with puddles and the aspect of bad planning. How about the insufficient electricity and water even for home consumption let alone for the lords of commerce? And how come tertiary education tuition has gone up by almost a hundred percent without any one being bothered?

Look, don’t fool yourself, there is but a little bit of the good, and so much more of the bad and the ugly with us. This government shouldn’t be sitting but should be on its toes now, including you and I, if we want to make a difference at all.


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