By Philip Neville

It is an old adage, “If you live in a glass house don’t throw stones at others…” applicable at all times, ancient, modern and contemporary. It does not only portray its significance, but its relevance at all material time which clearly indicates its usefulness and lesson to society. Man is governed not only by nature and nurture but also by the dictates of society and by extension the politics of the times.

It is hoped that Sorie Fofanah should be able to assimilate the relevance of this adage to usher in a difference in his life, as no man is indispensible or above society. It is evident that Sorie Fofanah’s neglect of this adage has crumbled his reputation in the eyes of the general public. For the past years and even recently he has been throwing stones on the glass houses of others, without rationally and reasonably considering the undeniable fact that he too lives in one. Consequently, the reaction to his action did not take cognisance of professional solidarity or comradeship, but laid him bare and naked for the public to see the calibre and general make of the person that has been crucifying others, calling them all sorts of names and making them look funny in society.

Honestly, one would wish to suggest that Sorie Fofanah needs a thorough rehabilitation and proper cleansing of his entire anatomy and physiology that will transform him to a decent and law abiding citizen who will not abuse teenage girls under the guise of lovers.

The law of this land is not a respecter of rapist, nor is it sympathetic to rapist; therefore if lucky this time not to face prosecution in court for his action he should not consider it a blessing or fortune. Probably, he was under the illusion that nobody knew about his funny and indecent act to a teenage girl at Kingtom, whom he is now saying was his girl lover. There are certain complex issues that most pen pushers who called themselves don’t know and no effort is visibly seen in them to know and be aufait about the implications of those issues. Being his lover-girl does not in any way means he should take advantage of her to the point of committing an act that is punishable by law. Secondly even if the act was consensual as long the victim is under the legal age (18 years), is an offence. He was lucky that the relatives of the victim agreed to a peaceful resolution of the matter if not he should have been languishing in jail by now, but that notwithstanding the matter can still attract the attention of the court. There are several Human Rights Abuse Institutions in the country that are ready to take up the matter. He should not be allowed to use his profession to intimidate the victim and her family not to pursue the matter. Sex offenders and rapists usually take advantage of the plights of their victims. Sorie Fofanah must be taught a lesson for others to see and learn that the law is not a respecter of person or profession. A journalist has no right to abuse the virginity of a teenage girl and go scotch free, whilst exposing similar deeds of others. A close friend of the Standard Times Press has already contacted both the victim and some members of the family on the way forward and they are contemplating taking the necessary action. The snag they highlighted is the cost of legal fees and the sincerity of some of the Lawyers of our courts; however assurances have been giving to them that not all Lawyers are dishonest and corrupt. There are a handful of them who are serious, sincere and honest to their clients.

One can understand the desperation of Lansana Fofanah to stop this medium from mentioning his name in the publication of the rape scandal at Kingtom. Sources alleged that he only took part in begging the victim and some members of her family, because his cousin was involved and would not want the news to be at the front doors of SALPOST. I have assured him that his name would never be mentioned in this matter anymore or anything that has to do with rape scandal and Sorie Fofanah. I have known Lansana Fofanah for over twenty years now, when he first stayed at Blackhall Road and later Hook Street in Kissy before coming to Kingtom. He has been a very hard working positive radical who can be described as one of the few successful Fofanahs. The other successful and hard working fofanah is Sierra Leone’s Press Attaché to the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Alusine Fofanah. These people have never been involved in anything scandalous, but for Sorie Fofanah the least said about him the better.

The laughing matter that is taking leave on the streets of Freetown is that Sorie Fofanah is going to court and has claimed to friends that he has already contacted his solicitors. Whether it is lawyers H.M Gevao, Easmon N.B Ngakui or Anthony Brewah is left with time to see. However, he needs to be informed that Lawyers representing the Standard Times Press and its Executive Editor are more than ready and prepared to take up any suit on behalf of their Clients. Among the team is the Award Winning Lawyer of the Year, Suliaman Kabbah-Koroma. Another is one of Sierra Leone’s best Criminal Lawyers in town, named Leon Jenkins Johnston and also Roland Nylander and Ratcliff Jones will be around to serve as backups. They will tell the Presiding Magistrate/Judge the weight and degree of criminality perpetuated by Sorie Fofanah the Global Times Managing Editor who has brought disgrace to his name and the profession of Journalism.(Next edition, read more)


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