Our collective support for National development

Pa John Baimba Sesay:

China Practically speaking, the conduct of a nation’s foreign policy are most often than guided by the thoughtful adjustment that may be occurring at the national, sub-regional, regional and international environments. Again, a nation’s external relations could serve as a determinant factor in shaping the future development path of that nation.

For years, Sierra Leone has been playing a crucial role at the international scene in various areas. For instance; at the MRU sub-regional level, the country, under the leadership of President Koroma played a central role as a member of the international contact group on Guinea in the negotiation with the then military regime to return the country to civilian rule. At the level of ECOWAS, Sierra Leone has ratified a number of protocols on democratic governance; preventing conflict and promoting trade.Minister of agric and Ministers with their wifes

Minister of agric and Ministers with their wifes just after a second swearing in ceremony


Not only that the President, as Chairman of the African Union Committee of ten on the reform of the Security Council, led negotiations on the issue of fair global representation. The country is also contributing troops to Darfur, Sudan, to help ensure stability in the continent. In the area of combating international crime, the government did not only pass a strong Anti-Drugs Act in 2008 but also decisively dealt with culprits of drugs trafficking through prosecution and eventual imprisonment.

Equally so, the Koroma led government transformed the Joint Drugs Interdiction Task Force into the Trans-national organized crime Unit. President Koroma’s quest for development is great and one that is bound to be supported by all. His blueprint for development, as perfectly outlined in the Agenda for Prosperity can be fully sustained when the country’s external relations is as effective and sound as it is, with the leadership we now have. Ignore not the fact that Koroma’s international credentials have kept growing over the years, given his sober external relations both at the sub regional, regional and international levels.

Delivering his address at the last State Opening of Parliament, President Ernest Koroma talked about the desire of his government to continue with the impressive strides in marketing the country as a destination for international business and investment. He stated, categorically that “we will continue to maintain those relationships we have known, continue to strengthen the emerging ones and build new rewarding ones…” assuring, government will continue making positive contributions to sub-regional, regional and international initiatives which seek to promote democracy and stability, and will always condemn coups and undemocratic assent to power. (Paragraph 95).

We cannot overemphasize the urge for us to continue seeking ways to gain prominence and provide leadership where necessary within the various international bodies of which Sierra Leone is a member. In the Agenda for Prosperity, the President underscored the continuous progress country keeps making in her rebranding effort; from a once corrupt nation to one that today keeps making steady progress in tackling graft, by putting the required structures in this direction; from a nation with poor road network to one that has witnessed a turnaround in her drive to build on her infrastructure and from a war torn nation to one that enjoys peace and stability.

But all these, we have achieved as a result of our collective efforts and that is why we should always commend ourselves as a country, devoid of political; beliefs and ideologies. And still, the general support of all is still needed by the Koroma presidency. We are moving but we have not reached yet our destination. The country is now rightly positioned to continue doing what it can, especially within the context of her drive to prosperity.

In our little corners, we can encourage investors to come invest in country like Sierra Leone and this is one way we can help build that beautiful nation. Salone is our and President Koroma, our President, a President for all Sierra Leoneans. Our collective drive will help foster more development.

Our collective support for National development

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