…Commercial Manager playing games

Mr. Umaru Bainda’s termination of Service on 10th October 2012 at NASSIT after he was found guilty of perpetuating fraudulent activities, thus breaching the confidentiality of the Trust did not embargo fraud and other criminal enterprises at the establishment. Instead, the termination tripled and upgraded the level of fraud perpetuated by some of the workers.

At NASSIT, fraud, forgery and other criminal undertakings have become a way of life for some employees. For some of them without these incentives, they would not have continued or find pleasure in taking up assignment with the institution. The recent discovery of Benefit fraud unearthed by the Institution is just a tip of the iceberg as fraudulent activities have taking the overall operation of NASSIT, which may subsequently lead to   total collapse if stern and stringent measures are not immediately adopted by the ruling Government. By the time the contributors to the Scheme come to realize that the kitty has been emptied by NASSIT workers it will be too late for the Government to take the necessary action.

Yesterday, workers who have been interdicted by the Institution’s Disciplinary Committee were asked to face the panel to respond to questions relating to the stealing of payment benefits of the living and the dead, and among them are Mr. Sallieu Koroma, brother of the Trust’s Legal Adviser, Lawyer Sengu Koroma, Mrs. Jennifer Noah and others.


The payment fraud operation at NASSIT cannot be achieved without the knowledge of certain key Directors that are occupying sensitive positions. Anonymous source connected with some of the Directors at NASSIT have alleged that both the Directors of Operations, Systems and Technology should be made to respond to questions bothering on the illegal operations. This is due to the fact that such illegal operations cannot exist without their knowledge. Even without their  physical involvement, but being aware of its productive outcome would make them bless it and turn blind eyes to the operation, if not; they would have since discovered the anomaly and report the matter to the Board. No wonder when the Deputy Director General , Mr. Gibril Saccoh  raised the issue of payment fraud on the 15th January, 2013 Executive Committee Meeting, the Director of Operations, Mr. Mohammed Gondoe responded with the suggestion of relocating staff(s).

It was Mr. Amadu F. Dainkeh, Acting Director, Benefits who informed members that though a pension verification exercise had been carried out, Pensioners died thereafter which had been used by unscrupulous cashiers to defraud the system and claimed that the information was revealed to him by an anonymous person.

Members of the public are now calling for the intervention of the Country’s Anti Corruption Commission to further dig into the fraud and bring those found guilty to book, but it would appear that the Commission is  massaging and romancing with  very serious national issue that has the potential to expose at any moment from now.

While the NASSIT Head Office is deeply involved in corrupt practices, one of its sub-offices responsible for managing the Institution’s Sea Transportation Service is also in a deep mess with Mr. Hassan Mansaray at the helm of promoting the mess. A letter dated 9th January, 2013 from the Office of the Director, Investment and Projects requesting detailed information regarding the M.V.Bai Bureh Ferry’s operation. What is now an unsolved mystery is that the engine and generator replaced by NASSIT with new ones have since gone missing with no one to account for them.

The letter from Mr. Idriss Turay to the Acting General Manager, Sierra Fisheries Government Wharf found its way to the Commercial Manager, Mr. Hassan Mansaray for explanation. The Commercial Manager has responded with scanty information to his boss, which has not convinced Headquarter. It is not known when the issue of the engine and generator will become subject of investigation. Similarly, it is not known when Mr. Hassan Mansaray will face the Disciplinary Committee to account for his stewardship (See NASSIT Budget for 2013 and compare it with 2012. The chunk of money misappropriated in 2012 and plans put in place to chop more money in 2013 may send you into a state of disorientation—next issue)










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