Former Minister of Local Government delegates Tonkoh Limba politics to Dr. Sam Sesay

By Ishmael Kindama Dumbuya

The past weekend was a show of gratitude and appreciation as well as a welcome home ceremony of “thank you all” on the part of government officials and politicians that hail from the Tonkoh Limba Chiefdom in Constituency 39 in the Kambia District. It is also during this ceremony that key politicians of the Chiefdom took the opportunity to thank the people of Tonkoh Limba and hand over the political climate to another respected senior descendant of the Chiefdom. The Thank You ceremony for the people of Tonkoh took place at the Madina Town Hall and the meeting was witnessed by Chiefdom local chiefs, representatives from Freetown and senior members from the All Peoples Congress.

The former Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Ambassador Dauda Sulaiman Kamara has finally retired from active participation into politics and decided over the weekend to hand over the politics of Tonkoh to his brother and senior APC Colleague Dr. Joseph Sam Sesay who is also the present Minister of Agriculture Forestry and Food Security. The former Local government Minister thanked and showed appreciation to the Tonkoh Limba people for the massive voter turnout in the November 2012 elections and admonished them to continue their allegiance to the All People Congress for more development in the country and their chiefdom. Ambassador Dauda took the opportunity to beg the people of Tonkoh Limba to forget whatever differences they have had in the past and work towards the development of the Chiefdom for the betterment of all.

He said “from now on please I have delegated and handover the political leadership of Tonkoh Limba to another Senior Descendant of the Chiefdom by the name of Dr. Sam Sesay”. He noted that the Dr. Joseph Sam Sesay will now serve as chairman of Tonkoh and take decisions about Tonkoh Limba whenever the need arises. Ambassador Dauda also thanked President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma for using his initiative and sole responsibility in selecting the Minister of Agriculture to serve another term in his government.


The former Local Government Minister thanked all the people of Tonkoh Limba to continue their stance in protecting the interests of the All Peoples Congress in the chiefdom. For him, he said he will now serve as an adviser for the Chiefdom and that any development activity that the Minister of Agriculture and other sons of the soil will take to the Chiefdom, he will better be in the position to participate and advice.

The Minister of Agriculture Forestry and Food Security, Dr. Joseph Sam Sesay on his part accepted the responsibility tasked upon him. He said for the development of Tonkoh, he will stand firm just as he continues to stand firm as the country’s Minister of Agriculture. Dr. Sesay noted that the people of Tonkoh have done a great job for them by ensuring that the All Peoples Congress wins the November elections and for that reason he will continue to ensure development is taken in the chiefdom. He added that the President of Sierra Leone could not have selected him to be a minister in his government had it not been for the support and victory the Tonkoh Limba had created for them.

The Minister of Agriculture further stated that this is the time for all Tonkoh people to come together and forget the past for whatever had happened among them.

The Member of Parliament for the Constituency 39 in the Tonkoh Limba Chiefdom, Hon. Patrick Lahai Kargbo called on all the Councilors in his Constituency to work in unison for development of the Tonkoh Limba Chiefdom. He indicated that any Councilor or Member of Parliament who does not meet to his/her expectation in the Chiefdom should meet such person and make an official complaint so that change and development will take place in the Chiefdom. The Constituency 39 Member of Parliament commended the tremendous efforts the Minister of Agriculture has made in the Tonkoh Limba Chiefdom, stating that he admires him greatly because he is man of action that is always ready for development in the country.

After heaping praises on Dr. Sam Sesay, Hon. Patrick Lahai called on all parents and students of the Tonkoh Limba to take their education very important as it will help for the development of the Chiefdom.

However, before going to Tonkoh, all Limbas in the city gathered at the Siaka Stevens Lodge and showed appreciation to the APC and President Koroma for re-appointing Dr. Sam Sesay as the Minister of Agriculture Forestry and Food Security to serve well in the country. There were local performances both in Freetown and the Tonkoh Limba ceremonies all geared towards showing appreciation for what the All Peoples Congress had done for the Limbas in his government.

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