6,960 BAGS ONIONS DESTROYED: SLPA Management accused

“Let him go to the courts” says the General Manager of the Sierra Leone Ports Authority (SLPA) referring to owners of the Six Containers of Onions that perished due to criminal negligence of officials of the Ports. The reference to litigation suggested by Mr. Abu Bangura has thrown most workers of the Ports into surprises, especially when it is clear that the Six Containers of Onions got perish at the Ports, due to a number of factors which ranged from incompetence, poor handling of the goods, neglect of official duties and disregard for value and professionalism. Fingers are now pointing at the General Manager, Mr. Abu Bangura for the embarrassment he has caused  the Sierra Leone Ports Authority to face (SLPA).

In a letter dated 30th June, 2011 the Legal Officer of the Sierra Leone Ports Authority(SLPA), Ms. Martha Amelia Sesay agreed to meet Lawyer Mohammed Mansaray in his Chamber at 3:30 PM on Monday 4th July, 2011 to explore options in finding an amicable settlement to the matter. The meeting, Ports Sources say was just a hoax to calm down the temper of the affected party as there was no intention to resolve it amicably.


Mr. Abu Bangura has informed this medium that he was going to call a Press Conference today to officially comment on the rotten Six Containers of Onions that his Port Management has refused to compensate “Right To Life Foundation”.

Contents of the 6×40 Containers, which are about 6960 bags of Onions, were dumped on 7th February, 2011 at about 1:45 PM at the Queen Elizabeth 11 Quay, Cline Town in Freetown. A Certificate of Destruction has showed.(To be continued)

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