…born in Kamakwie by a Fullah &Limba parent

The news may not be received well by some APC stalwarts and supporters that the party’s imposed Parliamentary Candidate on voters of Constituency 2, Mountain Rural; Mr. Ibrahim Pateh Bah has turned himself to a beggar on face book.

His sudden transformation came as a result of several factors, among which; that has been proven evidently clear is that he is  financially broke to sustain his political campaign in Constituency 2, though he is being showcased and financed by his APC party, things did not seem to be working well for him.

On his face book, Mr. Ibrahim Pateh Bah is now soliciting financial support from friends, relatives and party supporters between the range of US$10.00(Ten Dollars) to US$20.00(Twenty Dollars), a system and pattern that are alien to the local politics of Sierra Leone. Many face- book viewers have dismissed him as a political joker who is not only cash trapped, but wants to use politics to enrich himself at the detriment of both the APC and constituents of Mountain Rural. His challenger, Mr. Olufemi Herison Barnes is a native of Bathurst and a real son of the soil of the district who is single-handedly sponsoring his campaign.

The last days to the Saturday 9th February, 2013 election have seen more fierce political campaigns than expected. This, according to public assessment is because the APC party has deprived the rightful person of the party’s symbol and awarded it to somebody that is born in Kamakwie and widely referred to as a stranger whose ambition is to use the resources of the district, if won to his advantage.


The APC is using projects currently in progress in the district that will benefit the people to campaign for Mr. Ibrahim Pateh Bah and the National Broadcaster to run his ads, while Mr. Olufemi Barnes is using private radio stations and newspapers to convey his political message to the voters.

Mr. Olufemi Barnes, an Independent Candidate seems to be popular than the APC Ibrahim Pateh Bah, who has spent the better part of his time in the United Kingdom and returned home with the intention to lord over the people of Constituency 2. In this edition are extracts of the solicitation messages on his face book.

There are pieces of evidence of Mr. Olufemi Barnes development projects in the district. Some of them are named after him, such as “wata na life, education for the children” and more. Unfortunately, Mr. Bah; the APC Candidate has nothing tangible or intangible to show as his contribution to the development of the district.

Investigation has showed that Mr. Ibrahim Pateh Bah was born by a Fullah Father and a Limba Mother in Kamakwie, where he grew up prior to his sojourn to the Western World to seek greener pasture. According to one of his sponsors, Mr. Kello Jalloh; he revealed to this press that he paid his way home, bought air ticket and did everything possible for him to return home to partake in the politics of the country. He has garnered support from some APC members who are his tribesmen, including Hon. Minkailu Mansaray (nee Jalloh).

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