By Unissa Bangura

While resident and property owners of John Plate, which was popularly known as Pa Loko were expecting the execution of a Court Order from the High Court by Justice Matturi-Jones on them to vacate a piece of land and repossessed it, Resident and property owners of Jorpoh Farm unnecessarily and innocently suffered the brunt that was not intended for them.

John Plate or what was known as Pa Loko is located on the outskirt of Waterloo, some twenty or more miles from the Heart of the City of Freetown. It is part of the Western Rural Area Jurisdiction and governed by the Laws of Sierra Leone. Jorpoh Farm is also on the outskirt of Freetown, located not too far from John Plate with a common and distinct boundary, demarcating the two locations. Land features of these areas are alike, but one location is far developed than the other. Development in terms of infrastructure is fast growing with modern houses that have now become the envy of Jorpoh Farm. Some months back, a group led by Mrs. Ethlene Rebecca John-England as Plaintiff who serves as Executrix of the Estate of the Late Mr. Francis Alphonso John (TESTATE) of 89, Main Motor Road, Congo Cross in the Western part of Freetown had initiated an action in the High Court against a group of Defendants led by Ola King and Thirty-Eight others in respect of John Plate previously known as Pa Loko .


The Honorable Mrs. Justice Nyao Matturi-Jones (J.A) in a Consent Judgment, which she adopted as Judgment of the Court dated 22nd June, 2012 reiterated that the action has come up for hearing on diverse dates and having heard Mr. Christopher J.Peacock Esq. Counsel for the Plaintiff and Mr. S.S.Thomas Esq. Counsel for the Defendants by minutes of a Consent Judgment dated 15th June, 2012 filed in Court, Judge Matturi-Jones ordered that the Court adopted the Consent Judgment. On the same date, 22nd June, 2012, Justice Matturi-Jones adjudged that the Plaintiff was the fee simple owner of the entire piece or Parcel of Land and Hereditament measuring 01.2868 acres under the Estate of the late Francis John (Testate) as delineated in the Survey Plan LS. 826/89 dated 12th July, 1989. She also ordered that the Plaintiff is entitled as Executrix of the Estate of the late Francis John (Testate) to recover and possess all that piece or Parcel of Land and Hereditaments measuring 91.2868 acres as delineated in Survey Plan LS 826/89 dated 12th July, 1989 situates, lying and being at off Main Road, John Plate Waterloo in the Western Area of the Republic of Sierra Leone and that each party to bear their respective cost.

Executing the Consent Judgment of the Court in January 25, 2013 by a battery of armed Police Officers and unconstitutionally by an Army Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Bakarr Kamara of the Benguma Barracks and Officers of the Under Sheriff, including a representative of the Plaintiff named Reverend Randuff Spain, innocent civilian population suffered at Jorpoh Farm instead of John Plate Without following the details of the Court Order and coupled with his quest to share the piece of land,Rev. Randull Spain misread the Court Order and directed the officials to areas that are not part of the Court Order, which have been lawfully acquired by Sierra Leoneans resident in those areas.


Using a Senior Military Officer to intimidate and subject residents and owners of their property was the smartest and quickest means of fulfilling his objective. Reverend Randulf Spain spared no house, no make shift building and no new foundation on the land when he emerged at the scene and instructed that Justice Matturi-Jones had ordered that all creatures, great and small, all structures tiny and large must be demolished. The adage “ignorance of the law is no excuse” was seen at work and by the time Reverend Randull Spain could realize that it was Jorpoh Town he and his bunch of Police Officers aided by Lieutenant Colonel Bakarr Kamara and Bailiffs had destroyed and rendered the people homeless it was too late. Millions of Leones worth of building materials were damaged and physical cash reportedly stolen by the officers who went to execute the Court Order. They used guns, sticks and boots to intimidate harmless residents and owners of properties that had long established at Jorpoh Town.

Report states that they brutalized every peace loving Sierra Leoneans they met at Jorpoh Town as they were mis-guided and had mis-read the Judgment of the High Court. The Court Order had clearly stated that John Plate was to be repossessed and not Jorpoh Farm When this writer visited the destroyed scene of Jorpoh Farm over the weekend, it resembles a war ravaged area, hardly believed that a 21st Century Police Force dubbed “A Force for Good” could have treated poor and harmless civilians the way they did to the extent of destroying their homes and stealing their money under the illusion that they were tasked with the exercise of executing a Court Order. Angry youths whose homes have been destroyed by the Officers on the instruction of Reverend Spain took this reporter on a conducted tour, covering the length and breadth of Jorpoh Farm to the Main Road of John Plate (Pa Loko) where the Plaintiff could have effected the Court Order and to measure 91 acres of land to which the Defendants had no objection. Having realized that the execution of the Court Order had been wrongly done and sensing trouble, Reverend Randuff Spain’s new strategy is to dodge and dive pressmen for comments.

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