Thugs hits businessman from a merry party with friends

By Ishmael Kindama Dumbuya

Mr foday kamara a businessman at circular road was brutally attacked and shot on his left hand, no news has been heard of him since that ugly incident and his sales boy was also shot on his head. For refusing to point out his boss where about. After the last incident Mr. foday kamara shop popularly known as kamara enterprises was also burnt down by the same group.

Mr foday kamara

Since the end of the eleven year civil war in Sierra Leone, the act of revenge has always been the picot of things in the country. Some people use revenge as their way of consoling themselves for what must have been done to them years back instead of seeking advice and redress from the country’s national force for good called the Sierra Leone Police. Many cases of revenge have been reported in the past with some people being mobbed and some losing their lives.

The present Sierra Leone to face this kind of situation in the country through act of mobbing and revenge is one popular business man who used to trade at the King jimmy market in the heart of the
city and formerly residing at Circular Road in Freetown. If Mr. Foday Kamara had been whispered what will be his fate today, he might had regretted being a Sierra Leonean. He is presently on hiding as his way about is not known for fear of being persecuted and mobbed like other Sierra Leoneans in the past by some group of gang who through investigations are said to be members of the former fighters in the country. Foday was attacked and shot in his hand on the 24th of April 2010 while he was driving towards his home after a merry party with his friends. An eye witness told standard times that the attack was severe and luck was on the side of Mr. Foday for him to be able to escape the from the assailants.

According to the investigations by Standard Times, it is alleged that Mr. Foday was the brain behind their imprisonment at the country’s central maximum prisons for many years before their release.  They referred to this as an act of betrayal which they are promising not to treat with light weight but hunt for Mr. Foday and if they spot him, he will never leave on earth to tell the explain his

kamara enterprises

Recently, police investigation confirmed that the men are in disguised form and cannot be easily identified by the Sierra Leone police in the country. Family members of Mr. Foday in an interview told
standard Times that since their brother got a tip of this, he has been running helter-skelter and that they have not known his way about. His sales boy has been running his business until when he was reportedly attacked and we cannot confirm whether he is still alive or dead.

Family members has been searching for him but it is not yet clear if Mr. Foday Kamara is in the country or has managed to escape for another country. However, if he had escaped out of the country, it will be a blessing for him because if he is seen here, he will surely be mobbed and possibly killed.

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