By Unissa Bangura

The Sierra Leone Airport Authority (SLAA), the Country’s International Air Gateway is probably being operated by people that can be perceived as unconnected with the virus called ‘Corruption’ and capable of allegedly falsifying academic documents to fit them into certain high profile positions. These people are now reluctant to take a peaceful exit, either because their indecent practices have been exposed or lack of any foreseeable strategy they can now rely upon to appear great and tough. Following a series of exposé by this medium relating to how the current Company Secretary of Sierra Leone Airport Authority Mr. Mohamed B. D. Seisay gained legitimate entrance into the Company and catapultated himself with questionable academic information to such administrative height, President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma report states, has mandated a group of officials at State House to undertake a fact finding exercise to ascertain the validity of the information supplied by the Company Secretary.


To assist the officials, several questions need to be responded to as to how possible is it for an individual to have his date of birth as 5th June 1956 and entered primary school a year later in 1957 and finished in 1966 – such is the case with academic mystery of Mr. M.B.D. Seisay, the Company Secretary, who gave his date of birth at NASSIT as 5th June 1956.

There are other alleged discrepancies, which the investigators at State House have been mandated to find out, relating to him as Assistant Teacher in 1979 at the Saint Joseph’s Vocational Secondary School in Bonthe and within four years he rose to the rank of Senior Teacher.  In 1984 he became Head of Department and in 1985 he served as acting Principal of the School.

It will be recalled that the SLAA Company Secretary emerged on the centre stage when fingers started pointing at him as having overstayed his current position, taking cognizance of a document indicating his date of birth which was recorded as 20th November 1952 instead of 5th June 1956. The date he claimed he gained admission into Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone

Documents at the Civil Service Office contradict those at NASSIT; Mr. Seisay may now be over sixty years old above the stipulated timeframe for Civil Servants to proceed on retirement, but may still be useful at the Sierra Leone Airports Authority, despite his current conflicting age. Mr. Seisay can be contracted to perform assignment, which he was not able to accomplish during his engagement by the Authority.

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