At National Minerals Agency: Recruitment Scandal Hits Consultant

The name Adam Smith is not new to students of Economics. As one of the proponents of Economics theories, he is seen as an icon to students, but disappointedly the Adam Smith that is popular among students of Economics is not the Adam Smith at the newly established National Minerals Agency at Cole Farm, on Wilkinson Road. The Adam Smith at the office of National Minerals Agency is on the spotlight for the wrong reason. Whether it is for administrative and recruitment mess, that may showcase the new establishment as a den of square pegs in round holes or will mirror it as the handiwork of a group of amateurish operating under the big banner of Consultants is explicit.

The Adam Smith Consultancy has almost jeopardized the million dollar investment poured in by the International Community for the dream of the mining industry in the Country to be realized. The rationale for putting out advertisement and inviting applications from interested Sierra Leonean applicants for various positions, ranging from managers to cleaners with various academic credentials attached to these positions have ended up in mockery. Diploma and non diploma holders are giving preference over graduates with significant experience in the mining industry.

The Economics icon, among his numerous theories did not postulate as a principle that in the Labour Market applicants with political connections should be giving top jobs while those with the required qualifications and experience become their bag bearers, instead he stated that those with the required qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience should be at the helm of affairs and be able to manage minimal financial and human resources that will maximize productivity since the essence is for profit maximization, unfortunately the Adam Smith Consulting Group at the National Minerals Agency has a different view and interpretation, which may cause the establishment to be dead on arrival in its journey to prosperity.

The recruitment process has been dubbed not only corrupt, but an effort in putting square pegs in round holes for egocentric reason and probably for financial gains that those at the forefront may have been promised by some of the unqualified applicants that have long been searching for such opportunity. Allegation of corrupt practices by Senior Government Officials, including the Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources, Mr. Minkailu Mansaray, his Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Fatmata Mustapha whose Civil Service credential is nothing to write home about and the Human Resources Manager, Madam Van Jones who has been working with the Consulting Group.

It is not known whether the process would be repeated to straighten up what has already been messed-up or will continue with the mess that has already punctuated the exercise. There are signals of protests hanging in the air by some Government Officials who are qualified and merit most of the senior positions advertised, but have been deprived because they are either not connected to the Minister or perceived not as members of the ruling party in Governance, both were not stated as requisite for any of the position advertised.

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