By Sheku Lamin Turay, Senior Public Relations Officer (SPRO), House of Parliament (078 495 023)

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Chernor R.M Bah has in his acting capacity as Speaker of Parliament after a successful approval congratulated Professor Monty P. Jones in his new capacity as Special Adviser and Ambassador-at-Large; particularly when he has the capacity to do more for the country and the world.

Based on the report presented to the House for his approval, it was revealed that Professor Monty Jones discovered the genetic process of creating the New Rice for Africa (NERICA) whose yields are higher with shorter growth cycles, and more protein content than its Asian and African parents.

In her contribution to the debate prior to his approval, Minority Leader of Parliament, Hon. Bernadette Lahai told the House that Prof. Jones is amongst the 10 best researchers in Africa and the world who has made a breakthrough in the history of rice research in the country. She expressed satisfaction over his presidential nomination; encouraged him to do more; and told him that his new appointment will add an aura to his good work.  She spoke about the creation of SLARI (Sierra Leone Agricultural Research Institute) and encouraged him to assist with its capacity and provision of enough resources to achieve its desired goals.

Majority Leader of the House, Hon. Sheku B.B Dumbuya said the nominee was his junior in Saint Edwards Secondary School. He talked about his repute which has been acclaimed nationally and internationally because his good work has done service to humanity. He lauded his extraordinary use of knowledge for the benefit of mankind. He said “he who learns and makes no use of his knowledge is a beast of burden loaded with books”.

Sheku Lamin Turay, Senior Public Relations Officer (SPRO), House of Parliament (078 495 023)

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