MALARIA KILLS CHINESE NATIONALS in Salone …Embassy Press Release Alleges

A press release issued out yesterday by the Chinese Embassy in Freetown in response to an article published in the Standard Times Newspaper relating to the alleged illegal timber trade involving some Chinese nationals resident in the Country did not state whether those Chinese nationals that were killed by Malaria are hustlers who emerged in Sierra Leone to fend for themselves or legal resident contracted by the Government. What was fortunate about the press release is that the drafter highlighted what was not probably known by the Country’s Immigration Department that there are about 1,000 Chinese nationals in the Country.

The press release was published in the Concord Times Newspaper of 3rd April, 2013 edition, but was not circulated to either the Standard Times that came out with the timber and special stones mining stories involving some Chinese nationals or other locally produced newspapers. The release mentioned the bilateral relationship between the Government and Peoples of Sierra Leone and the Republic of China, which spanned for so many years, referencing projects and goodwill undertaken by the Chinese Government for the development of Sierra Leone.

It failed to mention whether the bilateral relationship covered the illegal practice of some Chinese nationals relating to illegal timber trade and logging and the use of the newly built skyrocketed and expensive Chinese Hospital at Hasting that is being used as the “Timber Den” where packing and exporting arrangements are done for shipment of the country’s natural resources.

The release also failed to highlight whether the Country’s Foreign Office is aware that some Chinese nationals are involved in illegal special stone mining and Kimberlite blasting in some parts of the Tonkolili District by a Company known as Chinese Wantong or their involvement has the blessing of their Embassy. Making reference to the Youyi Building, Police Headquarter, Stadium and other areas built by the Chinese Government on behalf of Sierra Leone is not a license for some of the Chinese nationals to engage in pilfering and sapping illegally of the Country’s natural resources under the guise of diplomatic or bi-lateral relationships.

The one sided press release has failed to condemn the illegal practice and behavior akin to criminality exhibited by some Chinese nationals resident in the Country, instead; it delved into issues that are not related or have no bearings with the activities of this group of foreign nationals. It is not known, whether for a fee or for personal reason why such an action was initiated by the drafter of the press release to showcase the positive side of the Chinese Government when articles published by the Standard Times has nothing to do with the Chinese Government as an entity but a handful of fly-by-night business individuals and hustlers who are abusing diplomatic and bilateral relationships of the two countries.

It may be true that some Chinese nationals died in Sierra Leone, but whether their deaths came as a result of diseases that they contacted back home and not diagnosed prior to their coming to Sierra Leone, but because of failure on the part of officials of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation to subject them to quarantine regulation before allowing them to reside in the Country the author of the press release has opined that they died of malaria diseases.

The release has now sent a signal to Officials of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation to be vigilant in their duty and to ensure that Chinese and other nationals entering the Country must undergo quarantine and be medically certified before they are allowed to reside permanently or temporarily in the Country to reduce malaria deaths among Chinese and other nationals.

On Tuesday 2nd April, 2013 Chinese nationals involved in the illegal timber and special stone mining were seen at the Environmental Office at the Youyi Building begging officials to allow them to continue their illegal operations, but report states that they were resisted with instruction that they must comply with the Country’s law relating to Environmental Impact Assessment.

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