Saving the Forests: National Petrol partners with Environment Experts

By Ishmael Kindama Dumbuya

Reliable and effective sources of energy have become a serious big problem Sierra Leone for decades now. This trend has succeeded in making the land bare and trees cut down and used as firewood and charcoal in the homes. The private sector and the Government of Sierra Leone have teamed up to ensure that the use of charcoal and firewood are minimized drastically across the country.

Mr. Latif demonstrating use the cooking The National Petroleum of Sierra Leone has partnered with the Environment Protection Agency of Sierra Leone to save the country’s remaining forests. In a tremendous drive to prevent climate change, the two institutions have undertaken a nationwide environmental awareness campaign aimed at saving the forests and finding best alternative for energy sources in Sierra Leone.

During this process, the National Petroleum will showcase its NP cooking gas products to the Community people and explain to them the importance of the cooking gas they have introduced for the people of Sierra Leone as well as how it will save the country’s remaining forests. The Executive Chairperson of the Environment Protection Agency in a statement crave the indulgence of every Sierra Leone to support a free and fair environment in the country to ensure a better place for all.

A representative of the National Petroleum Company in Sierra Leone, Mr. Latiff said: “as energy provider in the Country, the NP-SL is very much excited for the opportunity given to them to partner with the Environment Protection Agency of Sierra Leone in order to save the Country’s environment”. He revealed that they have been providing green gases for use in Sierra Leone, but in recent times he went on to explain that they have been engaged in massive installation of over 5000 metric tons of LPGs and other equipment at the Freetown Terminal so that there will available gas products to serve the entire country.

Mr. Latiff said on behalf of his Company they have the full capacity to provide alternative sources of energy instead of charcoal and firewood”. He noted that their cooking gas products will be affordable and available for all as well as convenient and safe to deal with. The Director of Environment Protection Agency in Sierra Leone, Dr. Kolleh A Bangura said he was very much grateful for the environmental awareness campaign to the communities across the country for a safer and reliable environment to live.

An Environment Officer at the EPA-SL, Madam Fatmata Bakarr Sesay described his colleagues as Environment Ambassadors that have been destined to serve the Country to which she hopes they will do to their best of ability.

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