“Go And Respect The Minister’s Letter”…IMC Chairman ordered

Dodging and diving has not saved the Chairman of the Independent Media Commission, a replica of both Bennito Mussolini of Italy and Adolf Hitler of Germany from the democratic hands of the powers that be. For the past weeks running to months, the Chairman of the Independent Media Commission, Mr. Rodmac Johnson and his band of Commissioners have showcased their recalcitrance and disrespectful behaviour to the Minister of Information and Communication, Hon. Alpha Kanu whose ministry wrote twice to them after a meeting with major stakeholders to suspend the Radio License issued to the Africell Mobile Company under the name of African Media and to put a Committee together that will form a policy for the issuance of Radio Licenses to Corporate Institutions in the future.


The Committee will examine the possibility and determine whether it is feasible to do so against or in favour of indigenous media practitioners and the state.

The IMC, since the ADVICE was giving by the Minister of Information and Communication, has been treating the matter with mockery and holding both the Government and Minister to ransom, while the Afri-Radio continues to occupy the airwaves and causing interferences to many of the smaller Radio Stations in the Country.

A  Radio Station is Bo, Southern Province has officially reported the Afri-Radio to NATCOM, but sadly nothing has been done to remedy the situation.

Yesterday at about 12: noon the IMC and NATCOM Chairmen including the Minister of Information and Communication were called to State House, where Mr. Rodmac Johnson was ordered by the Executive Officer of the State to return to his office and give respect to Minister Kanu’s letter if not many heads would roll. Sources at the Independent Media Commission (IMC) said on receipt of what they called disappointing news were seen down-casted and in a state of disturbance as most of the Commissioners have already sent proposals and Applications to Africell to be employed as Consultants and Trainers.

Failure on the part of the IMC to respect Minister’s Kanu advice on the Africell Radio may not only cause an embarrassment to the IMC Chairman, who has been dodging taking the appropriate step but will have himself to blame.

This might be the last advice to the Media Commission Office, which many expect would change its fruit direction in the next twenty four hours.



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