By Unissa Bangura

When the crime rate of a country is on the high side, law enforcement officers are always accused of being the first set of suspect. This is due to the undeniable fact that they know the criminals of the state who are perpetuating crimes against innocent citizens and nationals. They are also perceived as beneficiaries of criminal activities undertaking by state criminals. Sierra Leone is no exception where most of the law enforcement officers are friends of criminals and share the loot of the deprived and distressed.

At the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), headed by Mr. Ibrahim Koroma, Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) commonly known as “Size Man” a notorious wheeler duper has been provided with unbelievable hospitality that is least expected of a Law Enforcement Agency. Pampering criminals in the custody of the Criminal Investigation Department under the leadership of Mr. Ibrahim Koroma has left many Sierra Leoneans in a state of shock and disappointment.

Law Enforcement Officers at the CID are honouring Mohammed Mbakui with courtesies to the extent of refusing to detain him in police cells. Instead; he is placed on outside detention and using the offices of Senior Police officers to pass the night, with visitors trooping in and out, left-right and centre at odd hours to see him.

Despite, the current Government distaste for criminals, Mohammed Mbakui to the Sierra Leone Police is an exceptional case who deserves exceptional treatment.

Many homes and families have been deprived by Mohammed Mbakui, not to mention local and international businessmen; the latter has always been his target, but the state security apparatus that should put an end to his activity that is akin to criminality is regrettably in partnership with him and tapping him on the back for criminally exploiting both foreign and local businessmen.

Mohammed Mbakui is reported to have been arrested and dragged to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) after police learnt that he allegedly duped a group of Indian Nationals to the tune of Seven Hundred Thousand United States of America Dollars (US$700,000.00) on the pretext of being a Diamond and Gold Dealer ready to sell them his products.

Many Sierra Leoneans want to know how Mohammed Mbakui and his group of wheeler dupers have been successfully getting their victims to part with huge sums of monies on trade pretext.

It would appear that they may have studied and understand the characters of some foreign nationals  traveling to Sierra Leone to do business with the aim of dodging tax and other state obligations and making huge profit. These are some of the victims that always fall into their nets, as they chose to short change the state the same way they are being taught unforgettable lessons by Mohammed Mbakui and others  when they fall prey to them.

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