CFA 700 BN. To be justified 

Karim Wade, son of former Senegalese president Abdoulaye Wade, has been arrested, accused of illegally enriching himself along with seven other persons, judicial sources in Senegal disclosed last Thursday. Karim, a former senior minister under his father, is being detained by the Senegalese court charged with fighting illegal enrichment (CREI).

A panel found out, after several months of investigation, that Karim had amassed wealth estimated at CFA Franc 700 billion. Given up till 15 March to justify his acquisitions, Karim Wade was arrested after his defence team failed to sound convincing.

Seven other persons, alleged to have colluded with Karim, were also arrested.

CREI will carry out further investigations into the matter for another period of six months at the end of which Karim Wade will either be acquitted or tried by the court.

Karim’s defence team and officials of the former ruling Senegalese Democratic Party, which his father founded, have dismissed the accusations, saying the new authorities were being unfair to the former minister. The Karim Wade saga erupted a few months after his father lost in the presidential election against current President Macky Sall, who during his campaign vowed that he will fight corruption and impunity in Senegal if elected.


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