Landslide left one school pupil dead in Freetown Sierra Leone


By Mustapha Sesay

As the long awaited rains begin to fall in the city, residential areas along the hills and valleys are getting apprehensive with reported cases of disaster in various parts of the east end of the city.

With the heavy downpour of rain in the early hours of Wednesday 3rd August 2011, series of landslides have been reported in the Curlbut areas along the Bai Bureh Road and Moyiba hill resulting in deaths, injuries and the annihilation of houses by boulders.

It all started after the heavy downpour on Wednesday that witnessed boulders rolling down the valley at the Colbert area which later destroyed the house of one Mr. James; though no life was lost in that disaster, properties worth millions of Leones were destroyed while the occupants had to flee for their lives.

At Moyiba section, the situation was very grave as a newly promoted school girl of the Bishop Johnson Memorial Senior Secondary School (SSS III) Fatmata Kamara lost her life on the spot with four others seriously injured and currently hospitalized.

According to most of the onlookers who rushed to the scene, those living very near to the coast and the unplanned buildings on the hilltops are facing a serious threat. With this, there is the urgent need for Government to avert this sad chapter looming over the lives of residents in these dangerous areas, because we stand to witness more of such menace when the rains get heavier and intense.

The city has been facing many landslides in the past due to some people building their houses in areas they are not suppose to do so. Over the last three years, there have been many deaths on a yearly basis due to landslides and other disasters. Over 20 people have now died in the past few years due to heavy rain and landslides.