SCRAPS: “We don’t have records” …says Deputy Minister

The Sierra Leone Police Transport Section has successfully transformed itself into a dump site for Police Vehicles. Piles of vehicles that are accommodated in the site are only good for scraps and recycling. Unfortunately, facility for recycling is not available in the country, but the piles of scrap vehicles are attracting scrap metal buyers’ in the country. In order to boost the scrap year and its activities, the Police have bought three of what could be described as rotten dump trucks.

It was the expectation of some senior and junior officers of the Sierra Leone Police that since the money used to purchase the vehicles come from the state, a thorough and professional inspection should have been carried out to determine the road worthiness of the vehicles and not to use the state hard earned resources to buy something that cannot be used or used as spare parts to mend other vehicles on the yard.

Further investigation into the purchase has revealed that the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is the supervisory body, has no record of the transaction or aware of how the transaction was conducted. “We have no record of the transaction” The Deputy Minister, Hon. Sheka Tarawallie confirmed. Since there are so many “Peters” at the Transport Section of the Police that are claiming innocence and not aware of the transaction, including AIG Kabia, the Procurement Officer and ASP Bundor, the Estate Officer, the question is who will now give details about the transactions that had fatten the pockets of Mr. Paul Bindi? A cheque bearing the face value of Le396 Million was paid to Mr. Paul Bindi as the first tranche.

It was prepared at the Police Headquarter and transferred to his Company Account, under the name of Sweds- Free- Development, authorized by the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Francis Munu. It is not known whether the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Francis Munu will be another “Peter” to deny knowledge about the transaction that has cost the Police Millions of Leones or will admit to it.

It is however crystal clear by all indications that Mr. Paul Bindi used the Police to enrich himself at the time when the Sierra Leone Police could not meet the financial demands relating to payment of welfare, leave allowance and salary of some officers.(Which of Paul Bindi’s Bank Account the Money was paid—next issue)

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