MAGISTRATE COURT PUNCTURES SLENA BOSS…Le500,000 fine “slapped” on him

Mr. Augustus Kamara, Managing Director of the Sierra Leone National News Agency (SLENA) was briefly detained at the Law Court Building last Friday, when it was discovered by Magistrate Shyllon that the SLENA Boss had consistently wasted the court’s time for almost one month. His Lawyer H. K. Koroma was honest to tell the Presiding Magistrate that he has no evidence against four accused persons dragged to court on behave of his client. “My Lord I cannot proceed with my case as I have no evidence to present against the accused persons “Lawyer H.K.Koroma informed the court.

It would appear that he was wrongly influenced by his client, Mr. Augustus Kamara to adopt a position that he later found not necessary and worthless and therefore confessed his mistake by telling the court that he has no evidence to proceed with the matter.

Mr. Augustus Kamara had instituted a private criminal sermon against four of SLENA employees and got his lawyer to prescribe trump-up charges against them that he was not able to justify in court.

On 19th April, 2013 Benjamin Pratt, Andrew Collier, Emmanuel A.Thorlie and Samba Bangura were arraigned at the Magistrate Court Number 3 on a four-count indictment to wit, unlawful imprisonment, threatening language, Abusive language, intimidation and insulting conduct. These allegations were made against them by Complainant Augustus Kamara. On 24th May, 2013 after a voluntary confession by Lawyer H.K.Kamara, the matter was thrown out of court for lack of prosecution and a fine of Five Hundred Thousand Leones (Le500, 000.00) slammed on the Complainant who could not supply any or sufficient evidence to back up his case. In a state of regret and beyond his expectation, Mr. Augustus Kamara who used to be very argumentative became astonished as he was ordered by a Police Officer  not to walk out of the court building until the Five Hundred Thousand Leones as cost for wasting the court’s time was paid. With few telephone calls, he thought that things would have been easy for him and the money will materialized from nowhere, but after waiting endlessly with no sign of the arrival of the money Mr. Augustus Kamara sought for another rescue mission to prevent him from further detention.

Lesson learnt from the legal embarrassment suffered by him is that being the boss of an establishment does not in any way mean you are superior to other workers in the sight of God. Since Mr. Augustus Kamara was appointed Managing Director of the Sierra Leone News Agency through a process that some officials at the Ministry of Information and Communication have described as questionable, he has failed to leave up to the expectation of both his colleagues and some members of his profession, not to mention the public and officials of the Ministry of Information and Communication that used to enjoy reading news  and materials published by the agency in its newsletter.

He is always in loggerheads with almost all workers of the agency and not Seeing Eye-to eye with any of them. It is not known whether he may be thinking of another line of action, but for now his ego has been punctured by the legal failure he encountered in court. The accused persons were represented by Lawyer Cecilia Tucker

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