Super League Gurus respond to SLFA Scribe

By Alie Sonta KAmara::::

The gurus of the ongoing Super League Pre-Season Gala have denied allegations from the SLFA Scribe, Abdul Rahman Swaray that the ten participating Premier League clubs have promised to storm the Football Academy to wreck havoc.

In response to Mr. Swaray’s allegation, the Super League gurus write therein:

The Acting Secretary General Abdul Rahman Swary wrote a letter to the Inspector General of Police maligning very responsible owners/executives of premier league clubs and inviting the police to intervene and arrest peaceful citizens for an imaginary plot.

As a responsible body, WE wish to inform the general public that at no point in time have the clubs mentioned or contemplated storming the Football Academy Playing field.

Rather, a letter dated 22nd May 2013 was issued requesting the Chairman of the Normalization Committee to grant premier league clubs to use the public utility in the Football Academy.

To the surprise of the clubs, the Normalization Committee Chairman authorized the Secretariat to refuse the request despite the fact that the utility is a public utility, which is presently unoccupied and is being rented to anyone who can pay for it.

This singular action of the normalization committee exposed the bad spirit of blood brewing from it and the Secretariat for the mere reason that Premier League Clubs came together and organized a league to fill a gap where not league has played in the country since July 2012.

As clubs, we are very disappointed that the Normalization Committee took the action forgetting that we formed the basis for their existence and the football academy was built for the promotion of football in Sierra Leone.

Despite the turn down, we have continued to peacefully pursue the matter through the office governmental channels and we have no intention to deviate from peace or legal resolution of the stand-off.

We wish to therefore dispel the lies published in the letter b the Acting Secretary General to the Inspector General of Police.  The clubs are peacefully enjoying a well organized Super League, with support from Mercury International, and have no violent disposition.

We also wish to call on the Normalization Committee to note that their mandate ends on the 30th June 2-13.  It is a fact that preparation for the SLFA Congress should be underway by now.  According to the normal practice and constitutional provision, SLFA should give forty-five days notice in lieu of Congress to the clubs.  The said forty-five days elapsed on the 15th May 2013, but the said notification has not been given.  We therefore call on the normalization committee to adhere to this practice and uphold the constitution of the SLFA soonest.

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