Works Minister says Charles Margai is living in a dream world

Works Minister says Charles Margai is living in a dream world


By Edward Marah

The Leader of the Peoples Movement of Democratic Change (PMDC) Mr. Charles Francis Margai is becoming a political laughing stock every passing day. Anytime he opens his political month he is either bound to make political enemies or his utterances shocking the nation. His recent statement at the convention of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party that the ruling APC government’s development programs in the country can be assessed at Zero percent.

This statement has resulted in him being seen as a public ridicule along with his party the PMDC. Many Sierra Leoneans have criticized his statement including members of his own party and other opposition parties that the PMDC man is a babbling leader who makes a statement without properly evaluating the statement and the effect it would have on his personality and that of his party.

One of the people that has responded to Mr. Margai claims is the Minster of Works, Housing and Infrastructure Hon. Alimamy P. Koroma who has described the PMDC leader as somebody that is living in a dream world and as such can not ascertain the reality of daily development on the ground that the current APC government is undertaking. “If Mr. Charles Francis Margai can not see the massive road works ongoing around the country, then I wonder what is wrong with him”, Hon. Alimamy Koroma told a news conference yesterday at the Conference Room of the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Hon. Alimamy Koroma was reacting to the claims made by the PMDC Leader Mr. Charles Francis Margai at the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) conference held last week in Freetown that the APC Government has failed the nation in terms of development as, according Mr. Margai, the APC Government with four years rule can be rated at Zero percent.

Hon. Alimamy Koroma noted that as a government they are not moved by such statement, adding that they as a government will continue to be focused with their development agenda through President Koroma Agenda for Change which he promised the people of Sierra Leone.

Hon. Alimamy Koroma used the opportunity to update the nation on the achievement of the Government on the area of Infrastructure. He revealed that all road projects currently being implemented in Regional towns, Districts are all funded by the Government of Sierra Leone contrary to reports that they are funded by international donor partners. ‘We fund the entire project and paid the contractors at the same time’, he said.

He however revealed that the Highway roads are being funded by their International partners like the World Bank, and the African Development Bank among others. He maintained that the fact that the Government is funding Regional Headquarter towns and district headquarters town road projects is a clear indication that they as a government are determined to turn things around especially when it comes to Infrastructure, adding that this has placed more confidence in the Government by the donor communities.

He disclosed that the Makeni-Kabala Road, Makakura-Yiffin road, Matotoka-Kono, Regent-Grafton, Lumbly-Tokeh Road, Wilberforce- Hill Cut Road are all on course, stressing that the Government of President Koroma is determined to give the country a new face. He maintained that the Wilkinson Road is expected to be commissioned on the 31st October, 2011 as the contractor and his team are working around the clock to ensure that the road is completed on time.