Son betrayal of parents wish causes problem for him in Sierra Leone

abdulBy Ishmael Kindama Dumbuya

The battle against lesbian and gay activists and supporters to practice in what they believe on is still continuing in Sierra Leone like in other African countries. Despite the clarion call and efforts of the international community to influence African Governments to allow their people leave their life, it’s still like beating a dead horse because such practice is being regarded as against the traditions of the people.

In Sierra Leone today, many people have decided to work against their government’s reluctant decision and come out openly to practice and support people who want to practice lesbian and gay in their land. In Northern Sierra Leone, such practice is forbidden and regarded as bad omen in a family but there are people who still say they are an exception.

Abdul O Kamara is the first son of Pa Alpha Kamara and Madam Ramatu Kamara. His parents are origins of the predominantly Muslim North of Sierra Leone and reside in Kongo Town in Northern regional Headquarter Town of Makeni. Pa Alpha Kamara is the imam in his mosque and certainly one of the people who preach against the practice and support of gay and lesbian in the world. But their son, Abdul O Kamara is an exception and so they have to disown him as the first son in the family and even threaten to harm him if they get hold of him. Since the start of April, the way about of their son is not known and his old friends here in Sierra Leone are yet to set eyes on him.

During my visit to the Northern Town of Makeni recently, Standard Times heard Pa. Alpha speaking very displeasingly that “our son have betrayed us to support and practice evil in the land and we will show and teach him the lesson he will not forget any time we lay hands on him”.

However, Abdul’s partner who this reporter spoke to and prefer anonymity said he sustained injuries and pains after he was mercilessly beaten by anti gay supporters in Makeni Town.

Meanwhile, Abdul Kamara may be out of Makeni or hidden somewhere else but one thing that is certain is that even if he seek for refuge in Freetown, the capital city itself is gripped with hatred and fear of support and practices of any gay and lesbian activities in the Sierra Leone.

Abdul has been attacked many times by residents in the north while in support of gay while his perpetrators had also attacked and used derogatory words against his father for giving birth to a son who had come to filthy their communities with bad omen. It is like tit for tat. While the community people are threatening and using offensive words against his father, Pa. Alpha in turn, is also searching for where he could lay hands on his first son who they have over the years depended on in their family.

Like other gay people in Sierra Leone, Abdul has suffered many gay attacks and oppression across the country and probably he may have no place to hide in a country that is against gay practice since he used to be a staunch supporter of gay.

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