In Mile 91, Mr. John Gomoh, a student from Bo Town, scored highest grade point…took grand prize

Some people call it “the battle for the laptop” others describe it as an innovative way of encouraging and supporting the fundamental educational shift needed to provide students with the modern skills necessary for the 21st century. No matter the description, Ishaak Muckson Innovative Technology Training Center IMITT is known for creating competitive technology-enhanced learning environment for its students.

Each academic school year, IMITT conducts comprehensive computer-based exams for students across its locations. The institution offers performance based prizes including brand new laptop that is worth Le 3,000,000 (three million Leones) for best student, a used desktop PC with LCD Flat Panel monitor that is worth Le 1,500,000 (one million five hundred thousand Leones) for second price, a Le 100,000 (one hundred thousand Leones) third price, and Le 50,000 (fifty thousand Leones) for best attendance.

From Right: Mr. Muckson Sesay presenting grand prize to Mr. John Gomoh (In the middle )

From Right: Mr. Muckson Sesay presenting grand prize to Mr. John Gomoh (In the middle )


In a tightly contested eight-hour exam, Mr. John Gomoh, a student from Bo Town scored the highest grade point and ultimately took the grand prize. Mr. Gomoh is a quiet, smart and hardworking student who left the comfort of his home town of Bo to study software applications at IMITT’s headquarter town of Mile 91. Mr. Gomoh who joined the course three months after his colleagues had started quickly became the best student in his class. “He is always enthusiastic about learning more, and he would ask questions even after school hours” said Mr. Ibrahim Kamara, the Director of Studies

Foday Dimdin Sesay, an excellent student with amazing leadership traits walked into the exam hall with embedded confidence of winning the grand prize. He was known to have spent several hours on hands-on practical and was proven to be proficient in most software applications. During the first half of the exams, Dimdin, as he is commonly known, was leading by a steady margin of 18% but quickly caught in anxiety as he approached the final module. He became disoriented, unable to concentrate and ultimately walked out of the exams hall without completing the last exam.  Mr. Gomoh who was leading from behind swiftly took the lead and ultimately won the grand price.

When receiving the prize on behalf of her brother, Mabinty Dimdin Sesay, in a very disappointing tone said “I advised him but he didn’t listen, he was too overconfidence and underrated the exams,  now here is the result” Mr. Dimdin came second and walked away with a Used PC with a Flat Panel Monitor.


P1040381IMITT has been providing practical solutions to the seemingly complex issue of ‘integrating computer literacy into the classrooms’. It has successfully implemented its programs in Tony Blair Secondary School in Bo, Wesleyan Secondary School in Freetown, Vine Memorial Secondary School for Girls in Freetown, Government Technical Institute Magburaka, College of Management and Administration (COMA) Makeni, to name but a few.  The institution has also assisted Njala University and many other institutions in terms of hardware and IT training. We have seen thousands of computer hardware donated by individuals and international organizations to institutions across Sierra Leone; without the appropriate maintenance and repair services necessary for sustainability being provided. Many of those computers ended up sitting in dust in computer labs and some in land fields. As a consequent, we adopted a simple but realistic approach of providing hardware, networking equipments and technical support services to our partner institutions. That way, the computer labs in our partner institutions become sustainable but at the same time creating an effective recruitment center in our headquarter town of Mile 91. As this writer would say, “a computer is as good as the maintenance it receives.”

It could be recalled that a female student, Mariatu Gbla, took the grand prize in last year’s competition. For more on this please visit

Mr. Gomoh has since been re-admitted to the institution to pursue his A+ Certification Training where he will gain proficiency in troubleshooting, installations, and maintenance of various operating systems, hardware, and software.


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