Paramount Chief foils cannibalism in Moyamba District

BY Pat  Kawa in Bo.

Residents of the Bangruwa Chiefdom in the Moyamba District may have found themselves  in a state of panic  as latest reports of arrest and detained of dealers in human being has become the centre of discussion in the entire Moyamba District. Report states that some three weeks back two gentlemen Moses Collier who claimed to come from Kenema District and Joe Beah resident of Ngumahun village Bangruwa Chiefdom, Moyamba District were implicated in an alleged deal to purchase human beings at Bangruwa Chiefdom Moyamba District. According to the reports, Moses Collier and Joe Beah went to Sebehun Nancy Tucker in the Bangruwa Chiefdom on the man hunt and decided to contact the Paramount Chief P.C Robert Selilo Papapwe for the purchase of human beings.


The actual alleged perpetrator in the alleged human deal Moses Collier first contracted the paramount chief Papapwe and briefed him about their mission to the Chiefdom to purchase human beings in the township of Sebehun Nancy Tucker and it is immediate environs. It is reported that the two human being dealers settled to meet the following day at the resident of the Paramount chief Robert Selilo Papapwe of Bangruwa chiefdom Moyamba District.

However in the absence of the two alleged human being  dealers Moses Collier and Joe Beah, according to reports, the paramount chief wasted no time to contact  few police personnel  who are   stationed  in chiefdom  headquarter  town  of  Sembehun Nancy Tucker and briefed them about what had transpired between him and the alleged human being deal with regards  to the  human  trade.

In an attempt to capture the human dealers, a team of police personnel who went to Sebehun Nancy Tucker on official duty on that faithful day were contacted by the paramount chief Robert Selilo Papapwe and briefed them about the ugly development who later disguised themselves as sellers of human beings and quickly lodged in one of the Guest rooms of the Paramount Chief.

The report maintains that the two human dealers later appeared in Sembehun Nancy Tucker and as usual, Moses Collier held discussion with P.C Papawe regarding the man hunt deal while the other suspect Joe Bah said reported to be the host of the human trade dealer was outside the Court Barry waiting for his colleague human dealer.

Chief Robert Selilo Papapwe according to the report after fruitful discussions led the man hunter Moses Collier to the room where one of the police officers was already located disguising as one of the human being dealers in the chiefdom. It is further reported that man hunts Moses Collier, narrated the entire cannibalism transaction to the disguised police officer who later arrested and hand cuffed him. Report states that  other suspects Joe Beah who had his  colleague   Moses shouting  in the  room  where  he  was   arrested  and  handcuff  took to his heels  but was later  arrested  by another  police  personnel  who was outside  the  Court  Baray.

In an interview with Standard Times at his Sebehun Nancy Tucker resident P.C Robert Selilo Papapwe commended the police for their quick  intervention and further appealed to the AIG in Bo David Sesay to beef up security in that part of the Country. According  to Chief  Papapwe  he  explored  all  strategy to capture  the  human being  dealers. He encouraged all and sundry to report any unusually activity in the Chiefdom to the Chiefdom Authority with immediate effect.

Paramount  chief  Papapwe  urged  his  other  Colleagues  to be  an eye opener  in their  respective chiefdoms. It  could  be  recalled  that  Moyamba  District  is notable  for  cannibalism  for over decades and that is  why   P.C. Papapwe  and Colleagues  Paramount  Chiefs  have  vowed  to foil  any  attempt  of cannibalism in the Moyamba District.

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