KABBAH KALU, OTHERS IN COURT TODAY…Crispin,Tony and Patrick to wait

Mr. Crispin Deigh will be conspicuously absent at today’s meeting of the Sierra Leone Commercial Banks Association, where he is Chairman. However, the Governor of the Central Bank, Mr. Sambadeen Sesay will attend the meeting to discuss issues that are connected with the financial and banking industry in the country.

Sadly, also issues relating to the Association’s Chairman,Mr.Deigh and his Deputy would not be left out probably, how they allegedly got themselves messed-up in the Kabbah Kalu loan syndicate and fraud will the glided over and may conclude discussions about them that since they are currently being investigated they should allow the process to go on and  complete, as the investigators are now neck-deep in the process.court

While the meeting will be in progress that is if not cancelled as a result of unseen circumstances the key suspect in the alleged Bank Fraud will be arraigned before a Presiding Magistrate on holding charges. Mr. Kabbah Simeon Kalu will be addressed as the first accused to be followed by others in sequence based on the findings and charges that would be proffered them. Sources say they will be refused bail and remanded at the Pademba Road Prison


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