Criminals always go down with others

The name Kabbah Simeon Kalu (Khalu) may not be new to Scotland investigators in the United Kingdom. In the same vein, it may not be strange to the mortgage development industry in that country where he left his trail, but in Sierra Leone, it is a name that goes with extravagance, happy-luck-go life style that only very few people had admired.


This name is not just ordinary in the eyes of some of his admirers and those who had taken delight and appreciated the lifestyle of the individual who carries the name. Born in Makeni, Bombali District, Northern Province of the Republic of Sierra Leone and cut his educational journey short for the life he had lived and to gain himself the cheapest popularity amongst his colleagues and those that see him as the symbol of their future. Kabbah Simeon Kalu, although the professional authority of this author does not permit him to address him as a criminal, but could say his activities are typical and akin to criminality, tracing back his history to the United Kingdom where he was and practiced the profession that has always put him in close proximity with the law. Any conclusion about him is obvious.

The Sierra Leone Police in partnership with the Anti Corruption Commission(ACC) have consensually and consciously engaged in an exercise that would either proved them wrong or see them celebrating on their zenith, that indeed they are professionals in their field. It would be recorded in the history of local police and the ACC that what probably the Scotland Yard investigators were not able to crack, until Kabbah Simeon Kalu disappeared from the jurisdiction of the Great United Kingdom, our men and women have done it successfully and with ease.

One would imagine that if these men and women were armed with sophisticated devices that those in the developed world are brandishing in the field of crime investigation, the story would have been different by now. But hope should not be lost as we gravitate to the next level of economic development and good governance. The investigators are in high speed,nothwitstanding; they should be cautioned and treat every bit of evidence presented to them by Kabbah Simeon Kalu who is not a stranger to the life and time of a notorious and serial fraudster, whose survival cannot be possible without the application of the tactics and skills of what he knows best.

In the same vein, it is the normal practice of these categories of men and women in the illegal trade to always implicate those they feel they must go down with to the doldrums. Even when the doldrums are not made for the people or class of individuals they wanted to go down with they will create the avenue for such to happen. The fate of some the individuals that are being investigated in the celebrated bank fraud, whose names have been highlighted by Kabbah Simeon Kalu either as accomplices or part of the group that perpetuated the crime, are now left in the mercy of the investigators.

What the investigators must realize is the unarguable fact that the key suspect in the bank fraud is the type of figure who is not new to the syndicate and who knows what to tell investigators and how to bring other people onboard the criminal boat to appear like himself on the assumption that by doing so he may get his freedom.

He would not mind flying on the wings of those people for any cost, either for a plea-bargain or a prosecution witness; even the President of Sierra Leone, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma if he has a way of implicating him as long he would see himself out of the triangle he can do so with no fear or reflection.

Several questions are being asked by many people including journalists relating to the arrest and detention of some people whose names have been mentioned by Kabbah Simeon Kalu as accomplices or those he allegedly offered kick-backs to from the FIB Le5.6Billion loan. Some of these people Kabbah Kalu claimed, he offered them money from the loan that was giving to him, probably that is the reason for not repaying it or the reason, why he was not able to purchase the correct items that the loan was meant for. Only the shallow minded investigators would believe and accept his evidence as legitimate.

A criminal can point at anyone when caught up by the law. If truly and genuinely, Kabbah Kalu secured the loan for a specific purpose, why should he dish out the money? This is a clear case of premeditation, or an action employed that was geared towards wasteful and extravagant spending of depositor’s money. From observation of the process, it is now evident that Kabbah Simeon Kalu is having a happy moment in his life, a life that he has been used to, which makes him different from a focused and sane Sierra Leonean whose ambition is to use depositors money to contribute to the economic development of the country and repay such money to the bank at the appropriate time.

Allegations that are thrown at certain people who are currently in detention with this notorious wheeler dealer should be re-examined by the investigators before pressing charges against some of the people whose names the key suspect claimed to have shared the money with. Something interesting, but unfortunate has pricked the mind of this author, which has forced him to remember the words of the late popular Defence Counsel, Lawyer Claude Campbell when he stood in front of the late Justice Gbow in a murder trial.

The late Claude Campbell in blessed memory in defence of his client, Abayomie Aladi, alias “High Way” told the court that the name of his client was only mentioned because the State was tired with him and wanted to see him dead at all cost. He said “It is like giving a dog a bad name and hang it”, because neigbhours don,t like the sound of the dog. This brings to mind the name of Chief Tony Chineyere in the bank fraud to which Kabbah Simeon Kalu is the principal suspect. This author, like many other Sierra Leoneans would want to know how Chief Tony Chineyere was linked to the FIB loan fraud.

Is it because of his name or probably the State of Sierra Leone hates his looks and wanted to get rid of him? The questions are endless, knowing that history and experience had cautioned him for far too long and has always, since the ugly lessons of the past had maintained a low and quite posture. Kabbah Simeon Kalu has cleverly and criminally dragged him into the mud by telling the investigators that he offered him US$40,000 as a kick-back from the Le5.6Billion loaned to him by the bank.

It is not only laughable, but sounds cheap for a lobbyist, assuming that Chief Tony Chineyere is one to accept US$40,000 in a loan of Le5.6Billion he allegedly helped to facilitate. Similar questions are being asked by some members of the Board of Directors of the First International Bank (FIB) and ordinary staff members that what crime has Chief Tony Chineyere committed in the business of Kabbah Kalu’s loan that has kept him for days at the CID? He is not a member of the board as he used to be and not even part of the management of the bank that dished out the loan, which could have made him culpable for receiving any kick-back. Since his arrest to date, police sources say he has maintained a singular position and that is “I have not received a dime from Kabbah Kalu” Though the matter is not yet in court, however investigators should be mindful of the basic principle in evidence, which among others proffer that the evidence of one accused against the other is not tenable in court.

In the search for the real kingpins, some of the pronouncements of Kabbah Simeon Kalu must be properly and professionally examined. Public speculation about Chief Tony’s arrest and detention is being perceived as a case of NAME and not the substance of the investigation or by association of the bank that he contributed to build and stabilized over the years. If that is the way, the State of Sierra Leone or Kabbah Simeon Kalu intends to reward him by demoralizing and painting him like a criminal, when he is not posterity will judge every man by his deeds. If on the other hand Chief Tony’s involvement is undisputable, let’s wait for the court.

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