350,000 BRITISH POUNDS WITHDRAWN…Inspector of Bank to conceal transaction

The current investigations by both the Sierra Leone Police and the Anti Corruption Commission into one of Sierra Leone’s biggest bank fraud may soon be described as endless. This is against the backdrop of the emergence of  more questionable financial transactions that has left the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank(SLCB) and the industry exposed and laughable, but thanks to the intervention of the Central Bank that aggressively curb the situation if not; the situation could have been devastating.

It is not known whether the joint team of investigators has been able to lay hands on a transaction that involved a staggering sum of Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand British Pound Sterling (350,000).

A bank draft bearing the face value of this amount was allegedly presented to the bank few months back by one of the bank’s client named, Nenshaw Enterprise. According to investigation conducted, the draft was forwarded to the collecting banker, which is Commerz Bank in Germany. It is reported that the bank advised that payment of this money should be honoured in four weeks after it was presented by the client. While the period of maturity was being observed special arrangement was reportedly made between the client and the bank, which allowed the client Nenshaw to withdraw most of the funds from its account.

According to official bank sources, to the dismay of some members of the bank, eight weeks after presentation Commerz Bank informed the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank, that the draft was discovered fraudulent and requested a refund of the money already transferred. This request was based on a clause in the swift payment, which gives Commerz Bank legitimacy and indefinite recourse to the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank for any fraudulent item, such as cheque, draft and other telegraphic transfer.

It is reported that while the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank was sandwiched with the problem of refunding the money, a senior bank official was busy fraudulently withdrawing from the same account a total sum of Le80 million on internal debit voucher on divers dates.

It is not known whether an official by the name of Abdul Aziz Kamara will help the investigators with information relating to this transaction as sources say he was allegedly instructed by a senior official to collect and sign for about Le50 million.

Later, as the syndicators were living healthily on this fraudulent transaction the account was reportedly debited by an in house voucher with various amounts ranging from Le20 million to Le15million.

Sources have intimated this medium that what could be referred to an international fraud is being investigated by the Transnational Organization Crime Unit, alias TOCU at Murray Town. Internal investigation however was being reportedly conducted by one of the inspectors of the bank named Mr. Lukalay, but unable to continue due to the high profile individuals allegedly involved in the fraudulent transaction. It is not known the extent to which TOCU has gone with the investigation. What is however known is that the inspector, Mr. Lukalay is fighting tooth and nail to conceal the matter under the carpet.

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