Sierra Leone Government is playing games with cleaning of the city as Masada suspends operations

By Ishmael Kindama Dumbuya

The clarion call of President Ernest Bai Koroma in the so-called former agenda for prosperity and his stance on running this country as a business is beginning to loss credit and good recommendation from the public eye especially those who love to see a cleaner environment and a suitable city for the betterment of all Sierra Leoneans. In the President’s call for running the country as a business, few likeminded Sierra Leoneans who had been staying and leaving comfortably in the United States of America converged together in the best interest of country to follow what the President Koroma had voiced out and particularly help in the employment of young Sierra Leoneans to keep the city clean.


One of those few Sierra Leoneans who had listened to the President’s clarion call and formed a firm to help restore a clean and favorable environment in his mother land is Gibril Wilson. Mr. Wilson is a born Sierra Leonean and resided and played American football for considerable years in the United States of America. After coming back in his home country, he is displeased by the present atmosphere at State House which is at standstill to finally and officially hands over the responsibility of cleaning the city.

Masada Energy International Sierra Leone Limited was awarded the National Waste Management contract by the Government of Sierra Leone through the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development who had earlier on advertised for its bidding. Despite the fact that the government of Sierra Leone have signed an agreement with Masada on the waste management  contract, directives from State House through the Cabinet Secretary, the Strategic Policy Unit and the Ministry of Local Government keep countering each other as to whether to allow the Masada Energy International to take full control of the cleaning exercise.

At an emergency meeting organized by State House, it was agreed last month that Masada Energy International should keep on their cleaning exercise while their issue will be addressed by the Chief of Staff in a ten days period. It could be recalled that the ten days notice by State House where the Office of the Chief of Staff was tasked the responsibility of looking and settling the Masada issue has long been elapsed. Standard Times called the Chief of Staff, Richard Conteh and even sent a text message to know why he had not settled the matter within the ten days period but all proved futile as no phone answers and text message reply were seen.

Mr. Gibril Wilson is presently not in a happy mood and he is in a state of disillusionment after he and his Sierra Leonean business partners at home and the USA keep spending millions of United States Dollars in a Company in their Country while some officials of the Government of Sierra Leone keep playing games with them. In a public noticed issued out by the Masada energy International, the Company’s Management states that “…Masada Energy International, the Company that was awarded the National Waste Management contract by the Government of Sierra Leone through the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development is temporarily withdrawing all of its bins and equipments placed in the following areas…until further notice”. The places in question where the Company had placed its equipments and bins and also temporarily withdrawn them are; Youyi Building, Aberdeen-Cockle Bay, Model Junction, Parliament, Lewis Street and Bummeh dumping site.


Some of the wastes at the Lewis street Jucntion minutes after Masada removed their Bin in the community. The Community People are now calling on the government of Sierra Leone to try and settle the problem with Masada in other to get a clean city


When questioned by this reporter, the Management of the Company states that the temporary withdrawal of the cleaning equipments and bins is not disconnected with the government of Sierra Leone through State House and the Strategic Policy Unit failing to officially let the Local Government Ministry hands over the responsibility of the waste management to them.

“My earlier perception about Sierra Leone that brought me here and how I thought there is a good business environment is not how I am seeing it right now”, Mr. Gibril Wilson said shaking his head in all directions. However, President Koroma in his political campaign for a second term promised to empower the youths who he said are key to the development of the country. But that is not yet how Mr. Wilson sees and interprets this. He said “what I have experienced these days when I came back at home is a signal of Government Officials discouraging potential investors like us who had come up with good ideas to help contribute to the development of our land that we love our Sierra Leone”.

Mr. Richard Conteh cannot be reached for comments but earlier on, the head of the Freetown   waste management Company had called on all the parties involved to solve this problem amicably and stop these counter statements from State House, Ministry of Local Government and the Strategic Policy Unit under the leadership of Professor Strasser King.

Now that Masada had withdrawn all its bins and equipments in strategic locations in the city, it is not yet known when they are going to start the cleaning exercise again as the Government of Sierra Leone is yet to all them to take full national waste management responsibility.

After Masada energy had suspended all its operations for a while, Standard Times visited some of the places where the bins are stationed to get the feelings of people whether they were appreciating the bins or not. Lewis Street and Dundas Street Junction before the coming of Masada, was not a good environment and destination for those who are residing and running their business enterprises there. According to Madam Fannie, it was like a hell to them who are operating a small saloon there and all their potential clients will have to find other places to plait their hairs. “But when Masada placed its bins here, I and my boss breathe a sigh of relief because now we can sustain clients and we can get nice smell because the wastes were controlled in a confined place”.

Gibril Wilson, one of the owners of Masada showcasing his many equipments at Grafton

Gibril Wilson, one of the owners of Masada showcasing his many equipments at Grafton

She noted that since she has been working at the saloon around the Lewis Street Junction, she had never seen the ground where the waste was dumped because there was no company doing it effectively. She appealed to the Government of Sierra Leone to ensure that Masada take up full responsibility cleaning of the city and carryout the national Waste Management.

Madam Will is not also a happy woman around the Youyi Building and she holds the same believe like Mrs. Fannie. According to Madam Will, “this is the rainy season and if people keep throwing their wastes here, we may be at risk of getting cholera and I don’t wants to loss any of my family because of hygiene problems”. She also appealed to the government to try and settle the waste and filthy collection drive in the country.(Published verbatim)


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