Ex-Siaka Stevens “friend” turns Company Secretary as GhanaLink Changes Face


Ex-Siaka Stevens “friend” turns Company Secretary as GhanaLink Changes Face

Ex-Siaka Stevens “friend” turns Company Secretary as GhanaLink Changes Face

The plot to continuedeceiving the people and APC government of President Ernest Bai Koroma is developing steam and momentum, with some major players using every strategy to win the Destination Inspection Contract that is now in a messy state. It is no doubt that the Destination Inspection Contract, which was initiated by the previous SLPP Government of ex-president Kabbah is attracting players from afar with questionable characters and supported by some Sierra Leoneans that are claiming to have close proximity with the current leadership of the country.

The name Binta Jalloh has undisputedly re-surfaced again and may be using her old affiliation with the APC to obtain unreasonable personal benefit from the state and current Government

The GhanaLink President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr. Nick Danso has partnered with Binta Jalloh to operate the Destination Inspection Company in the country, named African Link after GhanaLink was widely criticized by some sections of the local media as a Company with no enviable track record to operate in Sierra Leone.

In a press release issued out by GhanaLink some weeks back, it claimed that Standard times was paid by some of its rival competitors to publish articles that are tarnishing the reputation of his Company “GhanaLink now has a presence in Sierra Leone and is bidding for the Destination Inspection Contract. This bid, the press release claims has a number of competitors who think that the only they could succeed is by tarnishing the reputation of rival business. Indeed, we are aware that one of the rival competitors has paid for these shameless publications against Mr. Nick Danso…” the release states.

To penetrate further into the
country, Mr. Nick Danso who is claiming that paid articles were made against
his Company has clandestinely established a Memorandum and Articles of
Association of Africa Link Inspection Company (SL), Limited with GhanaLink and appointed the First Secretary of the Company in the person of Madam Fatmata Binta Kalisera Jalloh.

It would be recalled that this same lady was a friend of the late ex-president Siaka Stevens who used her connection to crucify a popular Sierra Leonean businessman called Mr. Cyril Juxon Smith.

GhanaLink the Parent Company in Ghana, is owned and operated by Mr. Nick Danso and has 100 shares in Africa Link, the newly registered Company is dated 14th March, 2011. It is not known whether the Ministry of Trade and Enterprises headed by Dr. Richard Conteh will award the Destination Contract to Africa Link that did not take part in the bidding process as GhanaLink is now in a state of mess.

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